Thursday, December 2, 2010


The above cookies and many others live at:

I have many issues...but my current issue is with Christmas sugar cookies.
I love watching Martha Stewart.  Always with the knowledge that sanding and oiling my garden tools and pressing my linens and rolling my pine cones in imported vintage glass glitter is not my reality...but I enjoy watching anyway.

So why, then, do I think every year around this time that I should attempt sugar cookies that resemble those in the picture above?  I just have anxiety about the whole thing.  First of all, I'm supposing these cookie creations might be possible, if a person were to have the right frosting...but that can get expensive.  Second of all, this process will obviously take time and patience....while the offspring assist...'nuff said.  Finally...If I spend all of this time and effort on these immaculate I going to actually let someone eat them?  Let me tell ya...hear me now, ask me husband can inhale half a plate of cookies in 3 seconds flat hands down, jump back jack, get outta his way.

So last night there we were, my daughter and I, with the tree lit, and the snow gently falling, yelling at each other (well...not yelling...talking in frustrated tones...) with deformed snowmen and decapitated ginger boys and more cookie mix on the floor than in the cookies!  Sing with me now...."It's the moooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeear!!!!"

After my daughter went to bed I texted my sister to vent:  "I'm tired of Martha Stewart and her sugar cookies and her pinecones rolled in vintage glass glitter and her special chickens!"

My sister responded:  "You Are Not Martha."
Well.  I wish someone would have told me that before I started the sugar cookies.  Because I like that advice.  Go into seasonal traditions with that mindset:  these cookies may not be perfect, but they are gonna taste good and we are gonna have fun making them! 

One of my other issues involves Christmas lights....but that's for another time. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Had a chance over the past two weekends to hit some
Christmas Craft Shows!
I went alone to the first two shows because I tend to "BROWSE" a lot and find that when I take along a partner in crime, they usually end up trailing me while I wander in awe like a kid in Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

The first show was in a town about 45 minutes away.  I had never been to a show in the area before, which is rather affluent in the warmer months with hundreds of summer residents.  Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed as it was quite small.  And no primitives.

This past weekend I drove through a blizzard to a town about 30 minutes down the road - at about 30 miles an hour - to one of the largest crafts shows in the state.  Had my mug of coffee, my Smokey Mountain Christmas in the CD player, I was excited! Let it snow! Now this show is always on the Friday after Thanksgiving - no Saturday - so unless I take a vacation day from work I can't attend.  This year I was blessed to be able to take the day off.  I circled the parking lot twice before finding a parking spot.

The place was packed - there must have been 100 or more booths.   I was able to find one small booth selling prims and two others who were borderline primitive.  Lots of jewelry booths...lots of wool mittens!

The next day a friend and I hit a show that I used to do in town.  I was shocked to see the parking lot so empty and there were actually empty tables piled in the middle of the hall.  At one time, you had to beg, borrow and steal to get into this show.  There were a few booths who were at the Friday show and they shared with me that sales were very low compared to previous years.  There were no primitives at this show...nothing close.

I enjoyed every minute of being able to attend these shows.  To see the items that folks make with their own hands.  I'm not one to buy doll clothes or hand-turned wooden pens, but I marvel at the care and passion these folks put into their wares, and the time, funds and effort that go into attending a show. 

Long Live the Craft Show.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm gobbling up all of the wonderful blog posts by all of the wonderful primtive crafters out there!
Seeing a bounty of santas, snowmen, trees...I LOVE IT!

And the craft shows...Oh How I Love the Craft Show Pics!!

Most of us probably noticed a while back during the advent of ebay and etsy local craft shows diminishing.  Primitives are hard to find in my neck of the woods {"the Tip-of-the-Mitt"} anyway.
But it seems lately there has been a resurrected enthusiasm for the craft show.
("Crikey Mate!  It's the elusive Craft Show! )

I don't know what it is about craft shows that I love so much...maybe it is the creative spirit...the gathering of creative spirits in one place.  The way the artists and crafters display their wares.  The smell of candles and pine and cedar at Christmas craft shows.  It's all so inspiring to me. 

During my Dad's illness I had lost that inspiration.  It was a chore to sit down at the sewing machine or sketch out a pattern.  Since his passing in early October I've started to sew a little again.  The picture of the little santa ornie and candle matt above are my first creations.  The picture was taken with my phone, so it's not the best.  I'm not selling on etsy for the time being, but it's nice to feel inspired again.  Thanks to all my fellow crafters and artists out there who take the time to share the pictures of their craft booths and creations.  We may not know each other or ever meet across the miles, but you have touched my heart and and given me back a little inspiration!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


If we don't stand behind our Veterans in support,
We should try standing in front of a soldier in battle.

Freedom isn't free, but it is taken for granted.
God bless those who have fought for my freedom!
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



I remember the days before I discovered primitive.
All I knew was "country".

Anything quilted or "politely" tea stained.
Cute stuff.
No raw edges.

Lately I've been seeing a lot more of this country style.  It's okay...but I thirst for primitive.
I, myself, have not been able to fully acquire the ability to create in the "primitive" style that I love so much.  My creations are more timid than I would prefer.  My fear is that before I can acheive the full-on primitive style in my creations, I'll fall back into the cutesy-lacey-powder blue & mauve country trend. 

I love primitive.

I salute any woman who has ever tied a stuffed muslin body to her bumper and dragged it down the road to acheive a timeworn look!
And here is to the women who have spent precious time adjusting staining recipes because they were not quite dark enough!
Kudos to the woman who rips her fabric instead of cutting it!  ARRRRGGGG!
And to the woman with sandpaper in hand, about to rough up a fresh paint job...YOU GO GIRL!

I love primitive.

(Yes...yes...I still love country also!  Not putting it down...simply expressing joy in exploring and discovering primitive and how we all change over the years!  Joy and Peace to matter what your style!).

Sunday, October 31, 2010


My "Lucky Cat" make-do

Bunny Witchie-Poo

Friday, October 22, 2010


I looked up at the face of a full moon this morning as it shined through the pines in my backyard.
It stared back at me like it wanted to ask me a question...because it's been watching...

What defines you? Tell me please...

Your Parents? Your Children?
Your Job You Say?

Tell me what happens when they go away.

Are you still who you are when parts of you die?
Are you living with change, or living a lie?

And why collect things and have a hobby to play,
When people are starving, fighting wars, miles away?

What defines you...the choices you make?
Comfort and security...the risks you don't take?

Are you running this race up the side of a hill?
If you fall behind, will it break your will?

I see you want to reach for more,
Then you shut the curtains and lock the door...

What defines you? Is the definition clear?
A humble caregiver living in fear?

A Mamma Bear who is ready to fight?
A dreamer who stares at the moonlit night?

Showing love for your mother from day to day?
Cleaning the flowers off of your father's grave?

Being loyal to your job because it will pay?
Standing by your husband when he's so far away?

Giving your daughter all that she needs?
Living with a heart that's broken and bleeds?

Asking Sister in heaven what she thinks you should do?
Are these some of the things that define you?

Because I watch you, I am always here.
And I've seen this old world cry many a tear.

God made me.  God made you too.
Sometimes the little things are what define you.

Stand for right when there is wrong.
Be an advocate for the weak. Make your voice strong.

Feeding the world, for one, is simply too hard.
Don't ignore the hungry in your own backyard.

Don't forget your neighbor who needs a ride.
If someone stands alone, stand by their side.

Stand for the truth.  Even in simple things.
When dealing with children or dealing with kings.

Find joy in the spring when the robin sings.
Find joy in the fall when the geese spread their wings.

Find joy in everything that you see and do.
Some day in your memories you will find joy too.

Continue to run.  Run the good race.
Wipe the tears from your face.

Do what you can with what you have.
Enjoy the good days, stay strong in the bad.

I thanked the old Moon for all that I had heard
And it left me with a final word:

When you want to talk or dream, don't fear.
Because I am watching.  I am always here.

My life seems to overwhelm me.  But in the grand scheme of things I'm nothing more than a speck of sand on a really big beach.  (Life's a beach...ha ha.)  I guess that's the point.  There's something much bigger than ourselves out there.  Chances are we won't meet that reality in this life.  We can only hope to meet it in the next.  Don't know how many will find this.  If you have...don't lose hope.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Late at night as the moon shines bright
The woman mixes her brew
Coffee, vanilla and cinnamon
The ingredients are few

In a corner - not far away
A cat smiles with her eyes
To watch her silly human pet
Creating another prize

With a purposeful dunk into the brew
A pumpkin gasps for air
Followed by a witchie-poo,
A sunflower and a pear

Late at night as the moon shines bright
The woman pedals the machine
Spinning, pinning, muslin and thread
Creating a whimsical being

Jars of buttons and baskets of tags
Line the moonshadow shelf
Under the ever-watchful eyes
Of many a santa elf

As seasons change and pages turn
The woman knows time is not waiting
But listens as her heart whispers:
"Never Stop Creating"

~*~ The Moonlit Stitch

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Up north where I live, the acorns are already starting to drop from the oaks.
The geese are already gathering in the fields to prepare for their flight south.
The sun is setting earlier in the evening.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Picture of the set-up process at my last craft show.
I had inteded to take lots of great pictures to share but the batteries in my camera were dead.
Like a pen that's run out of ink, I wanted to shake it and then whip it in the garbage, but grabbed my cell phone instead and clicked a couple pics.
Made enough money to buy a canopy for outdoor craft shows which I've been wanting for quite some time! YAY! Next show is in the fall so I have to get going on the pumpkins and all that fun fall stuff! I am seeing alot of fall goodies popping up in etsy shops. Especially in the Old Farmhouse Gathering shops. Just search "ofg team" on etsy for lots of primitive and shabby chic items. I'm also thinking about doing my first giveaway in the near future...think "crow"!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Put everyone to sleep. Check.
Fresh cup of hot coffee. Roger that.
Head back to the craft room to straighten things up. 10-4 good buddy.
Well, I started off with good intentions this evening to attempt to make sense of the "post-craft show" craft area at my house. Somehow I instead found myself sitting in front of the computer and ended up at
and what a nice visit I had! Gina has wonderful pictures posted of her last craft show and some brilliant vintage finds and trades. I love her tastes and ideas - I wish I could hire her to come decorate my house! Be sure to stop by her blog:
Gina also sells on etsy and the wonderful little Santa Kitty pictured at the top of this post is currently listed there among other prim and vintage goodies. Please be sure to pay Gina's etsy shop a visit by clicking here:

Friday, July 16, 2010


Lately I've been very blessed.

A very nice lady at church who is an artist and talented crafter was de-stashing and before she brought her boxes to Goodwill, she gave me a large box full of lace! I was so thrilled to receive it.

And yesterday another very talented artist and crafter from church asked me if I would like to inherit the buttons she's been collecting because she doesn't use them in her work.

And boy, did she have the BUTTONS! Again, I was so thrilled! How kind and thoughtful of these ladies to pass on these items! I will have to "pay it forward" and try to do the same in the future.

What is it about buttons?

When I was little, I remember going through my mom's large sewing box and looking at her buttons. I likened it to a pirate who had just opened a treasure chest, running his fingers through the stash inside. To this day, I will admit, I do the same.

And then this morning on the way to daycare/work, we noticed a lot full of cars at the school.
Hello? What is this? Must investigate.....
HAH! The annual rummage sale fundraiser!
I've been on the lookout for wooden candlesticks and grapevine wreaths...which are everywhere when you don't want them, but not one in site when you are on the "hunt"!
So I dashed in and discovered these old wooden spools!
Have no idea what to do with them. But I love them.
Going to put them in my pirate treasure chest until I can find someone who can utilize them.
On to the next quest: old tea cups! [AHOY! ARRRGGHH!]

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Let's go window shopping with another member of the Old Farmhouse Gathering etsy team to pick out needful things for my dream farmhouse! I'm in the mood for fall any time of the year, so today we're going to window shop with Carrie of "Scaredy Cat Primitives". Carrie created the JOL above...more properly known as "Ichabod The Spooky Extreme Primitive Halloween Pumpkin Guy", and has wonderful creations for fall, cat lovers, candle lovers, and vintage!

In Carrie's Etsy profile she writes:
Art has always been part of my life whether creating, teaching or sharing. I most enjoy expressing my creativity through sewing, candlemaking, painting, mixed media and altered art. For over 15 years, I have participated in local art and craft shows and enjoy meeting customers as well as fellow artists.My inspiration comes from the past and also my six fantastic felines!

You can fan and follow Carrie on facebook and twitter:
And don't forget to check out "Scaredy Cat Primitives" on etsy:
Thanks for window shopping with me - hope you can make it next time!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It's always been a dream to live in an old farmhouse. I don't know why, just part of who I am.
It may always end being just a dream....BUT IT SURE IS FUN TO DREAM!
In my farmhouse....I would need to have certain these scripture hearts from
{click on pic to see more of her shop!}
Kim is a great primitive artist and you will find some wonderful stitcheries and other unique items in her etsy shop. I hope you can visit me again when I head out to look for more needful things for the farmhouse!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I've been wanting to make an Uncle Sam doll for a while now and finally finished him! While I was making him...late one night by the light of the moon...I was watching "American Pickers" (the show about 2 guys roaming the American countryside in search of forgotten antique treasures) and now every time I look at Sam I think of the show.

Sam is chillin' out in my etsy shop (and he wants YOU to visit him there! Remember those recruiting posters? "Uncle Sam wants YOU".....okay, I'm old.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This week I would like to feature another fellow artist from the Old Farmhouse Gathering etsy Team! Joan Minervini of "Vintage Keepsake Trunk" specializes in Primitive Folk Art handmade, soft-sculpture offerings featuring Art Dolls, Home and Garden Decor, Holiday and Seasonal Decorations and Collectibles, all created with that time-worn look. Joan is one of my most very absolute favoritest doll artists! Her creations really touch something within you and it's always fun to see what she comes up with next! Be sure to click on Joan's mini etsy shop below to visit her main etsy shop which is full of her wonderful creations! Don't forget to check in at Joan's blog:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


More little bunnies. They are heavily stained (stories of wild tea parties are circulating) and have expressions that give me the impression they have "bunny attitude". They could probably have their own reality show....bad bunny girls.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Finished up some little bunny girls this weekend during daylight hours.
Husband ended up doing some laundry & dishes.
T.V. mothers everywhere are gasping in horror.
That's okay. I loves me the bunnies.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I took this picture a few weeks ago. Yep...I'm a tree hugger. Odd, considering one of my favorite shows is "Axmen" on the History channel. Like old farmhouses, there is also something about old, archaic trees that speaks to me. They are great for climbing...I used to spend a lot of time in trees when I was a kid!
Every once in a while, I still get the urge to climb a big old tree and hide there for a while. But the rational side of me says "don't climb trees, that would be strange". The kid inside of me just might win the debate "to climb or not to climb" one of these days.
The craft lady inside of me wonders..."could I lug my sewing machine up there..."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This week I would like to feature fellow Old Farmhouse Gathering etsy Team sister, Marilyn! She has been creating for many years and does wonderful work! You can find the toile pillows pictured above in her "Harvest Moon Prims" etsy shop. Marilyn has just opened a new shop called "Fanciful Stitches" that has some delicious pinkeeps! Be sure to click on all of the links below to check out Marilyn's etsy shops and blogs.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Last weekend, I hit the dirt roads with a friend. This has been a favorite passtime of mine since I was a kid. As a kid I would sit in the back of the truck (can't do that anymore) or the backseat (plastic seat covers come to mind) and my parents or my sister would be behind the wheel. We would drive the old dirt roads and two tracks out in the woods. It seemed like the farther into the country and woods you would go, the trees would get bigger. Things seemed more "untouched". We would pass old houses that had been abandoned for decades and I would wonder who had lived there....were they farmers....did they have a large family....why did they leave....
This weekend I was behind the wheel and my friend and I found one of those old farmhouses. We stopped and took pictures. There are not very many of these old houses left around here. The winters are hard and the weight of the snow takes its toll. The ceiling was falling in but the main bones of the old house were straight as an arrow. I would love to see someone renovate it. Again I found myself wondering who had built the house, and how long they have been gone.
The peeling paint on the wall was a robin's egg blue. I tried to picture a wife talking her husband into painting the walls that color. There were also remnants of white beadboard on the bottom half of the wall.
What is it about these old houses that I love so much? I live in a modular home that was built in a warehouse and traveled via semi in two pieces. I try to picture someone standing in my front yard 70 years from now in awe of the skeleton of this box house. But it's just not the same. Maybe the lure is the essence of the folks who worked so hard to build their own homes with their own hands or the simple way they lived. I don't know, but I'm looking forward to taking more dirt road trips this summer with my friend, camera in hand.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Design Style Guide Feature

I am honored to have my bowl of primitive pears (pictured in the below post) be part of a feature called "Get this look for less"
which is a regular part of the online community "Design Style Guide".
You can check out the article by clicking on their logo above.
I would highly recommend visiting this site. The community has over 1,000 members and the ideas and inspiration they share in their search for Handmade Decor is infectious!
Handmade in America ROCKS.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Haven't been able to "blog" lately, but have been doing to sewing by moonlight. Five little teacup bunny bodies and a few doll bodies that will soon become an Uncle Sam, Snowman and Angel. Haven't taken pictures yet, so here is some "eye candy": a bowl of prim pears.
The snow is almost gone here and the sunshine really energizes you! Contemplating doing some craft shows again this year. I took a year off and really missed doing them!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


~ hEr NamE iS pUrPosE ~
Finished some items to put on etsy including this little gal. She is a freckle-face with strawberry pigtails. Some of the kids tell her she has beedy eyes and a big nose and tease her when she wears her favorite hand-me-down dress with a fur collar. But she knows she has purpose. And that's the stuff that really matters. Some folks go through life without knowing that they actually have a purpose in this world. Sometimes knowing our purpose isn't always clear...but just believing we have a purpose keeps us rollin'. We may not realize our purpose in our lifetime...but somewhere down the road it might kick in. So take care to keep doing your thing no matter what others might think or say, and keep doing your thing when you're feeling lost. Because you have a purpose. Believe it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I haven't been able to finish anything lately and I feel like a squirrel with a nut.
Have you ever watched a squirrel pick up an acorn and then run just a few feet away to bury it diligently in the ground? Then he repeats the same action over and over, but with no apparent rhyme or reason. I have a lot of great projects started, but I don't seem to know what to do with them so I "bury" them on the edge of my sewing a basket on my supply shelving...etc.

There are Christmas bear appendages in a sewing tote under my desk, snow girl body pieces in a tub on the shelf and now Valentine creatures sitting on my sewing desk just waiting to be put together. My challenge is to find out what is stopping me from proceeding? Is it guilt that I should be doing the dishes or bonding with the fam instead?Lack of time? Lack of energy? Lack of focus? No rhyme or reason!
Okay, gotta give the squirrel some props:
After a search on my best friend, Google, I learned that squirrels actually eventually retrieve about 85% of the nuts they bury and the rest are left to propagate new trees (right on).
They can smell a buried nut a foot under the snow (impressive) and tunnel under in the winter when there are no food sources growing on the trees. They will make "fake" burying holes for their nuts if they see another squirrel "watching" them bury a nut. (clever!)
So apparently there is more rhyme & reason to the squirrel's actions than I originally thought!

They have purpose. That's what I need...PURPOSE.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on my etsy shop. If you see a bear, snow girl or Valentine creature pop up with all body pieces intact ... you will know I have found purpose. We'll see.....

Sunday, January 3, 2010


HeArt ~ iN ~ HanD
The symbol of a heart in an open palm is called "Heart~in~Hand" and is a pictorial reminder of things that come from the heart and are produced by the hands, such as good works in the interest of others. The symbol originated with the Shakers, who promoted a simple life of hard work and spirituality. The symbol also implies a loving welcome. (
I created the Heart~in~Hand symbol pictured above for my etsy shop along with some little red and black hearts, which were stitched from vintage fabric, with the upcoming Valentines holiday in mind, and will be listing them soon. It's always awkward for me to work on creations for an upcoming holiday during a different season, but I guess the Heart~in~Hand symbol is something we should be thinking about year 'round!