Friday, July 16, 2010


Lately I've been very blessed.

A very nice lady at church who is an artist and talented crafter was de-stashing and before she brought her boxes to Goodwill, she gave me a large box full of lace! I was so thrilled to receive it.

And yesterday another very talented artist and crafter from church asked me if I would like to inherit the buttons she's been collecting because she doesn't use them in her work.

And boy, did she have the BUTTONS! Again, I was so thrilled! How kind and thoughtful of these ladies to pass on these items! I will have to "pay it forward" and try to do the same in the future.

What is it about buttons?

When I was little, I remember going through my mom's large sewing box and looking at her buttons. I likened it to a pirate who had just opened a treasure chest, running his fingers through the stash inside. To this day, I will admit, I do the same.

And then this morning on the way to daycare/work, we noticed a lot full of cars at the school.
Hello? What is this? Must investigate.....
HAH! The annual rummage sale fundraiser!
I've been on the lookout for wooden candlesticks and grapevine wreaths...which are everywhere when you don't want them, but not one in site when you are on the "hunt"!
So I dashed in and discovered these old wooden spools!
Have no idea what to do with them. But I love them.
Going to put them in my pirate treasure chest until I can find someone who can utilize them.
On to the next quest: old tea cups! [AHOY! ARRRGGHH!]


TheRustyThimble said...

AHOY there you are one lucky Pirate what wonderful treasures you got. I have the same problem LOL........or admiration for the same items!! ARRGGHH is right....I will remember this and use it in my treasure hunting and think of you when I am on my next quest for goodies

Baggaraggs: said...

Boy are we cut from the same Cloth! Arrrh. Thats some fine treasure MATey!!!LOL, Robin