Friday, August 13, 2010


Late at night as the moon shines bright
The woman mixes her brew
Coffee, vanilla and cinnamon
The ingredients are few

In a corner - not far away
A cat smiles with her eyes
To watch her silly human pet
Creating another prize

With a purposeful dunk into the brew
A pumpkin gasps for air
Followed by a witchie-poo,
A sunflower and a pear

Late at night as the moon shines bright
The woman pedals the machine
Spinning, pinning, muslin and thread
Creating a whimsical being

Jars of buttons and baskets of tags
Line the moonshadow shelf
Under the ever-watchful eyes
Of many a santa elf

As seasons change and pages turn
The woman knows time is not waiting
But listens as her heart whispers:
"Never Stop Creating"

~*~ The Moonlit Stitch

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Up north where I live, the acorns are already starting to drop from the oaks.
The geese are already gathering in the fields to prepare for their flight south.
The sun is setting earlier in the evening.