Friday, October 22, 2010


I looked up at the face of a full moon this morning as it shined through the pines in my backyard.
It stared back at me like it wanted to ask me a question...because it's been watching...

What defines you? Tell me please...

Your Parents? Your Children?
Your Job You Say?

Tell me what happens when they go away.

Are you still who you are when parts of you die?
Are you living with change, or living a lie?

And why collect things and have a hobby to play,
When people are starving, fighting wars, miles away?

What defines you...the choices you make?
Comfort and security...the risks you don't take?

Are you running this race up the side of a hill?
If you fall behind, will it break your will?

I see you want to reach for more,
Then you shut the curtains and lock the door...

What defines you? Is the definition clear?
A humble caregiver living in fear?

A Mamma Bear who is ready to fight?
A dreamer who stares at the moonlit night?

Showing love for your mother from day to day?
Cleaning the flowers off of your father's grave?

Being loyal to your job because it will pay?
Standing by your husband when he's so far away?

Giving your daughter all that she needs?
Living with a heart that's broken and bleeds?

Asking Sister in heaven what she thinks you should do?
Are these some of the things that define you?

Because I watch you, I am always here.
And I've seen this old world cry many a tear.

God made me.  God made you too.
Sometimes the little things are what define you.

Stand for right when there is wrong.
Be an advocate for the weak. Make your voice strong.

Feeding the world, for one, is simply too hard.
Don't ignore the hungry in your own backyard.

Don't forget your neighbor who needs a ride.
If someone stands alone, stand by their side.

Stand for the truth.  Even in simple things.
When dealing with children or dealing with kings.

Find joy in the spring when the robin sings.
Find joy in the fall when the geese spread their wings.

Find joy in everything that you see and do.
Some day in your memories you will find joy too.

Continue to run.  Run the good race.
Wipe the tears from your face.

Do what you can with what you have.
Enjoy the good days, stay strong in the bad.

I thanked the old Moon for all that I had heard
And it left me with a final word:

When you want to talk or dream, don't fear.
Because I am watching.  I am always here.

My life seems to overwhelm me.  But in the grand scheme of things I'm nothing more than a speck of sand on a really big beach.  (Life's a beach...ha ha.)  I guess that's the point.  There's something much bigger than ourselves out there.  Chances are we won't meet that reality in this life.  We can only hope to meet it in the next.  Don't know how many will find this.  If you have...don't lose hope.

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Tins and Treasures said...

Thank you for these inspiring words and food for thought this cool, crisp, fall Morning.

Have a relaxing Sunday ~Natalie