Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Had a chance over the past two weekends to hit some
Christmas Craft Shows!
I went alone to the first two shows because I tend to "BROWSE" a lot and find that when I take along a partner in crime, they usually end up trailing me while I wander in awe like a kid in Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

The first show was in a town about 45 minutes away.  I had never been to a show in the area before, which is rather affluent in the warmer months with hundreds of summer residents.  Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed as it was quite small.  And no primitives.

This past weekend I drove through a blizzard to a town about 30 minutes down the road - at about 30 miles an hour - to one of the largest crafts shows in the state.  Had my mug of coffee, my Smokey Mountain Christmas in the CD player, I was excited! Let it snow! Now this show is always on the Friday after Thanksgiving - no Saturday - so unless I take a vacation day from work I can't attend.  This year I was blessed to be able to take the day off.  I circled the parking lot twice before finding a parking spot.

The place was packed - there must have been 100 or more booths.   I was able to find one small booth selling prims and two others who were borderline primitive.  Lots of jewelry booths...lots of wool mittens!

The next day a friend and I hit a show that I used to do in town.  I was shocked to see the parking lot so empty and there were actually empty tables piled in the middle of the hall.  At one time, you had to beg, borrow and steal to get into this show.  There were a few booths who were at the Friday show and they shared with me that sales were very low compared to previous years.  There were no primitives at this show...nothing close.

I enjoyed every minute of being able to attend these shows.  To see the items that folks make with their own hands.  I'm not one to buy doll clothes or hand-turned wooden pens, but I marvel at the care and passion these folks put into their wares, and the time, funds and effort that go into attending a show. 

Long Live the Craft Show.

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