Thursday, December 2, 2010


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I have many issues...but my current issue is with Christmas sugar cookies.
I love watching Martha Stewart.  Always with the knowledge that sanding and oiling my garden tools and pressing my linens and rolling my pine cones in imported vintage glass glitter is not my reality...but I enjoy watching anyway.

So why, then, do I think every year around this time that I should attempt sugar cookies that resemble those in the picture above?  I just have anxiety about the whole thing.  First of all, I'm supposing these cookie creations might be possible, if a person were to have the right frosting...but that can get expensive.  Second of all, this process will obviously take time and patience....while the offspring assist...'nuff said.  Finally...If I spend all of this time and effort on these immaculate I going to actually let someone eat them?  Let me tell ya...hear me now, ask me husband can inhale half a plate of cookies in 3 seconds flat hands down, jump back jack, get outta his way.

So last night there we were, my daughter and I, with the tree lit, and the snow gently falling, yelling at each other (well...not yelling...talking in frustrated tones...) with deformed snowmen and decapitated ginger boys and more cookie mix on the floor than in the cookies!  Sing with me now...."It's the moooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeear!!!!"

After my daughter went to bed I texted my sister to vent:  "I'm tired of Martha Stewart and her sugar cookies and her pinecones rolled in vintage glass glitter and her special chickens!"

My sister responded:  "You Are Not Martha."
Well.  I wish someone would have told me that before I started the sugar cookies.  Because I like that advice.  Go into seasonal traditions with that mindset:  these cookies may not be perfect, but they are gonna taste good and we are gonna have fun making them! 

One of my other issues involves Christmas lights....but that's for another time. 


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

I am sorry, but I am LOL! I can so relate to your experience. I gave up years ago decorating cookies. Kayleigh will be all excited about helping, frost a couple cookies, and be off doing something else.

basketsbyrose said...

This bring back memories of baking cookies and having two boys test them till there was nothing left!!!! This is what makes Christmas memories. What Martha is missing is family and fun! Flour on the floor, over baked snowman, etc. Just have fun and enjoy the moment!