Monday, January 31, 2011



Meet Vera Valentine!

She is an eclectic kitty and lead singer of the cat group, "The Howlers".
Her favorite color is purple and her idol is Janis Joplin.  She is absolutely addicted to cinnamon pop-tarts - straight out of the box and goes through about 5 twin packs a day.  Vera made headlines a few years ago when The Howlers were an opening act during the now infamous concert at The Fence.  A shoe riot broke out at about midnight and several kitty's were injured.

Vera needs a mental break from her crazy lifestyle and is going underground for a while.  She will be staying with a good friend of mine who is also a very creative writer and artist, which will be right up Vera's to speak.  Although slightly more "low-key" than Vera, both of these ladies have definite "Cattitude" and will work well together.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've always been a doodler.

In class I would doodle.  When I'm on the phone I doodle.  Anytime I have access to a pencil and paper I will doodle!  And half of the time my doodles will end up as ideas for a pattern.  I know most crafters have boxes or binders or bulletin boards FULL of sketches and ideas.  Sometimes the ideas come so fast it's hard to find the time to sit down and turn them into a pattern.  I've always been amazed at how an idea on paper can turn into a one-dimensional pattern which can turn a flat piece of fabric into a doll or ornament or shelf sitter or door hanger... etc etc etc.  Last week I sketched a little primitive angel on the back of a pink "while you were out" phone message.  I was able to grab some time this morning and the picture above shows how far I got with the trial run.  I'm not sure if I'll keep the idea and try to make more.  I'm getting very impatient and don't like to spend a lot of time on little things and it seems the little things take more time to stuff and sew than the larger projects! 

And time is something I need because I've been neglecting my housekeeping and have contracted.....

CLUTTER!!!!  {insert eerie shreeks/screams here}

Yes.  It is January 22nd and I still have piles of Christmas decor about.  I do have an mom fell and broke her wrist and collarbone and I had to move in with her for a week....and then it's been so cold here I don't want to dig the ladder out of the snow on the porch and drag it in and crawl up in the attic and drag down the boxes and pack everything away...but getting back to the point...I was watching one of those shows this morning (on my butt on the couch when I should have been dragging the ladder in off the porch...) where an expert comes into a home and helps the family de-clutter.  Something he said I liked:

There is clutter from the past that you hang on to for memories.  There is clutter that you hang on to for the future (ex: this lamp will look good in my bedroom someday when I get new furniture).  What happens is that the clutter from the past pulls us and the clutter for the future pulls us and prevents us from concentrating and enjoying the present. 

Well...gotta head out into the cold and do some shopping for mom and help her with her laundry...then I'll come home and do some cleaning...or maybe I'll sneak into my sewing room and sew the wings on that little angel at the top of this post...{insert sneaky craft-woman laughter here}   ;0)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My Christmas tree is still up and I am still sewing snow-folk.

I know I am way behind time in the craft world, for I am seeing valentines popping up everywhere!
As soon as we open that box of valentine chocolates on February 14th, the bunnies and eggs will appear in greater quantities.....and I will be starting to sew hearts!
As soon as the bunnies hop away, Uncle Sam and all things star-spangled will be here.
And while we're still swimming & camping in August, acorns and scarecrows.

This is what the crafter has to do if they want to have stock to sell in season.

I did a "Christmas in July" craft show one year and folks just were not into sno-folk and santas on a blistering hot day in the middle of summer.

At another show the day after Thanksgiving one year I added a few fall items to my Christmas stock and a well-seasoned crafter who I respected stopped by my booth and told me "Honey...put your fall stuff won't sell now."   Yep - she was right!

I get so much of my inspiration from nature, so it is hard for me to craft "out of season",
but I am enjoying the pretty Valentines popping up on etsy and blogs and I really admire the planning and hard work that goes into these seasonal handmades so far in advance.  Craftspeople are awesome.  It's true.