Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My version of Rabbitt Stew:

1 lg bunny head & 1 small bunny head
add handsewn noses, whiskers, mouths and 4 pink bead eyes
3 baby carrots with stalks
1 large egg & 1 small egg

Soak all ingredients in a primitive marinade

Serve in a sanded/painted/sanded/painted/sanded
salad bowl on a bed of raffia


Took the picture with my cell phone again at night, so it's not the best.
(Gave my camera batteries to my daughter for her flashlight for a school project and havent gotten them back yet!)  This bowl of bunnies will go to a 2nd winner in my giveaway!

Every day I am meeting new primitive bloggers that I probably would never have found if I didn't host a giveaway.  Every day I look forward to blog-hopping and seeing the "works in progress", finished works to be offered on etsy or elsewhere online, or those that were made just for fun! 

Some bloggers post pics of their homes that are decorated in the primitive style, their treasures found at a recent trip to the thrift store or antique shop, tips for blogging, tutorials, swaps, challenges, pictures of their craft booth - sadly there are not many craft show pictures out there, these have always been once of my favorites, along with "studios", or craft rooms.  I have met folks who stitch, women & men who make furniture, folks who turn trash into absolute treasures.  Folks who weave baskets, quilters, those who work with wool, and who specialize in bowl fillers, dolls, graphics...it's all so inspiring and amazing and I am so thankful to be able to leave my small town for a short time every day and meet so many wonderful creative people!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Janice over at Prims by the Water is hosting a "Monday Montage" of Easter bonnets!
Hers are displayed in the picture above.  Do you have Easter bonnets you would like to share?
Click the pic to visit Prims by the Water and learn how to participate!  Once Janice reaches 50 followers, she will have a surprise "Prim" giveaway for those who participate! (did I mention Janice and her hubby own an antique shop?  Oh yeah, this gal knows her primitives! LOL!).
Hurry over, the montage is for this week only.

Friday, March 25, 2011


A picture of the "work in progress" on a bowl of bunnies & eggs.

Sign-up for my giveaway is open until April 9th.
Click on the Giveaway pic at the top of my sidebar for more info.

Janice at http://www.primsbythewater.blogspot.com/ had posted recently about how she loves hearing the call of the red-winged blackbird - a sure sign of spring.  I share this love with Janice as I grew up around the lakes/marshes and that sound is very familiar and comforting to me.

Last night I was a little blue.  I was standing at the kitchen sink and something caught my eye hopping by right under the window:  THE FIRST ROBIN OF THE YEAR.  It was a sign for me - new life - hope - cheer up!  The sun is shining so bright today - it is a good day!  I hope and pray that anyone out there needing a sign of new life or hope receives it.  Sometimes it comes in the simplest of of things.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies is hosting a fun swap! If you are a fan of "pinkeeps", you won't want to miss out: click the pic above to sign up before April 15th!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I stopped by a local thrift store at lunch today and found (and bought!) this rooster.  The shop is great! They are constantly getting new things in and their prices are decent.  I don't know what it is about black and red roosters, but I love them.  I liked the shape of this rooster and the way the red paint is worn off.  And the black.   

Years ago my mom told us kids that she liked swans.  Mom is hard to buy for so for years she would get some type of swan or some-type-of-something with a swan on it for every birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day.  "Oh!  A swan!"  She would say acting surprised.  Finally one year she broke it to us..."I think I have enough swans now."  We were so lost after that.  Still to this day if we are shopping together, my sister or I will point to a swan on a shelf if we see one, out of habit I guess. 

Mom went through an owl phase too.  I like owls.  And they've regained quite a bit of popularity lately, too.  You can always tell when someone has either passed on or given up their owl collection when you walk into a thrift shop and there seems to be an unusual amount of owls staring at you.  These owl collections can grow fast and furious, though.  And once you reach a certain level of owl collecting, you gain the title of "The Owl Lady". 

I decided today that I need to keep my rooster phase in check.  If it gets out of hand, I don't want my daughter and her friends (and the neighbors, Girl Scouts, plumber, etc.) referring to me as "The Rooster Lady" someday.   Then again, that might be cool...("Hey man, your mom's roosters are really cool")  LOL...highly doubtful.  So I'm narrowing it down:  Black or red roosters only.  There.  That should keep me in check (wink! wink!).

Monday, March 21, 2011


Finished my daughter's Pretty in Pink Bunny (pattern by Lillie Mae's Crafts) over the weekend.  Found the bun chillin' out with the cat at lunch and snapped a picture with my cell phone.  I like the ease of being able to send pics to your computer instead of having to mess with USB cables to upload from the camera, but the quality of the pic suffers.

ANNNDDD..... because I am so excited about the giveaway and feel so grateful for the good response and because I am so thrilled to be able to connect with other primitive gals, I will have a second drawing in the giveaway for a bowl of bunnies & eggs!  Picture on the way. 

Thanks again to all who have participated in the giveaway.  I have tried to acknowlege every post and connect with everyone.  I recently noticed in my email program when responding to a post, that after the email address it read "no reply".   Hmmmm.....does this mean some of my replies did not go through?  Drat.  Hopefully not!  

I hope everyone has a great week.  Been reading about some pretty warm temps out there and new life popping out of the ground.  They are calling for up to 6" of snow mid-week for us.  That's okay - Life is good!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Looking at more media pictures of the people of Japan this morning and became overwhelmed.  How can one not feel guilty? I guess we just have to pray for them and BELIEVE that they will be taken care of.  It may be a good time to research which relief agencies are most effective in crisis situations like these if we are able to contribute.  What else can we do?  {sigh}

While blog hopping a few weeks ago, I was visiting Crow's Creek Primitives where Deb shared a site she had found called Lillie Mae's Crafts that is jam-packed full of wonderful patterns created by a very talented and generous lady named Brenda.  My daughter instantly fell in love with Brenda's "Pretty In Pink Bunny" and has been asking every night: "did you finish my bunny? did you work on my bunny? is the bunny almost done?"  Last night she must have had enough, because she went into my sewing room and stuffed the whole bunny herself.  LOL!  No excuses now mom.  Above is a picture of the bunny "in progress" as I left her at 1:00 a.m. this morning (sewing by the light of the moon!).   I was doing what my husband calls the "hungry chicken" at the sewing machine (when you fall asleep sitting up and your head drops down, then you yank it back up!).

Finally, I cannot say how much joy and fun I have experienced this week after launching my first blog giveaway.  I wanted to connect with other primitive bloggers and share some creations.  I have been able to connect with so many wonderful primitive bloggers through this giveaway.  There are so many creative and kind people out there.  What a joy!  Thanks so much to everyone who has signed up so far.  If you would like to sign up for the giveaway, click on the link at the top of my sidebar to the left by April 9th.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours.

I am mostly French Canadian with maybe just a tiny little smidgen of Irish.  My brother-in-law was a red-headed Irishman, though.  A true "Mc".   He passed away in 2005, three months before my sister.  I think about them both every day and miss them so much, but especially on this day I remember them with joy.  They always welcomed you into their home and always had good food to share.  They loved to celebrate with family and friends.  They lived simply but had plenty.  May all receive the blessings printed above - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 (many thanks again to The Graphics Fairy for the picture in this post)

Monday, March 14, 2011


The Moonlit Stitch is just a tiny little blog, so my very first giveaway is just a tiny little giveaway.  I miss the feeling I used to get when sending out a package filled with a prim creation...like you've connected with someone who likes the same things you do...it's a cool feeling, and that's what I would like to do with this giveaway:  connect with folks who like old primitive things. 

Please comment on this post (1 entry)
For more chances to win:
Post this giveaway on your blog (1 entry) and/or
Be a current or new follower (1 entry)
(please let me know in your post if you are posting the giveaway on your blog
and/or following my blog)
April 9th

here's another view:

a little more info...
The little bunny is 10" tall and is wearing a simple teal wool dress to match her teal polka-dot nose.
The chickadee on top of the old wooden spool was made from a pattern by Hazelruth and has little blue bead eyes.  The three little bluebirds were hand-sewn and are nesting in a small mold I found at an antique sale.  I adopted the old sewing accessories box from a local thrift store - the top is worse for the wear, but I love it because my mom had one just like it and I remember going through it as a little girl (this one is filled with little treasures too).  The bunny and birdies are all heavily stained. (the old picnic basket is not included).

      Thanks so much for stopping by! 
 ~*~ Lisa 


We've all heard the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words".
I found the above picture at http://www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/ (a wonderful site I'm sure most are familiar with that is full of vintage photos/graphics run by Karen, a very talented artist!). 

I wonder what the story is behind this picture?  I've heard of folks throwing away old pictures and the thought of that gives me anxiety.  They cannot be replaced.  They are such treasures!  This little girl seems proud of her dress - the day this picture was taken must have hosted a special occasion in the child's life....and the big old house in the background...I wonder if it was her family's summer home?  Grandparent's house? 

And I wonder what happened to this little girl...did she live into old age?  Did she have children...grandchildren?  Did she go to college?  Live in the city?  The country? Was she happy? (I hope so!)

Now let us continue to discuss pictures, but please "fast forward" with me to present time....

I am twisted and crouching on my dining room floor with a camera plasterd to my face trying to take pictures of what I hope will be a giveaway on my blog (my first!).  I take no less than 50 pictures of my little creations (too close....too blurry...to far away....yadda yadda yadda...) and in the evening anxiously download the pics only to discover none are worthy.  It seems the daylight was too direct.  So I set up my Ott Lite and take MORE pictures, knowing full well that your best bet for good pics is clicking them in the daylit hours (hmmm...."The Daylit Stitch"?).  These evening pics turned out much better, surprisingly.   But I still fear not good enough.  I will take MOoore pictures this afternoon and hope I am able to grab pictures good enough to post for a giveaway.

When I was selling on etsy, I read and read and read about how to take the best pictures for etsy.  I picked up a few good tips, but always felt like the pictures could be a lot better.  I have an older camera, but I believe it is fairly decent.  I would hate to think the camera is the culprit.  If anyone has any tips or suggestions, I would be grateful to hear them!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ordered some patterns on sale at The Pattern Cupboard last night.  If you haven't visited in a while, click on the banner above to get there.  Grab a cup a coffee or tea...88 pages of sale patterns!
I can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Please meet "Basil the Bunny".  He is made from a pattern by Wendy of Ravenwood Whimzies!
Recently Wendy issued a "challenge".  Take the "Basil.." pattern and make it your own!
Please be sure to visit Wendy's blog at http://www.ravenwoodwhimzies.blogspot.com/
to enjoy all of the other wonderful Basil Bunny creations! 

Some of the Basil's have dresses!  Some have found true love!  And one particular Basil Bunny is close to solving a mystery!  My Basil is a boy bunny who thinks he is King of the Garden.  He has even made himself a crown from an old newspaper he found blowing through the garden in the wind.  Basil likes to speak with an accent and does consider himself royalty (the other bunnies have determined it is an Italian accent).  Basil carries a Roma tomato because he insists that tomatoes are much more sophisticated than carrots.
(Basil and tomato are a good combo...especially if you are talking Italian...LOL!)