Monday, March 14, 2011


We've all heard the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words".
I found the above picture at (a wonderful site I'm sure most are familiar with that is full of vintage photos/graphics run by Karen, a very talented artist!). 

I wonder what the story is behind this picture?  I've heard of folks throwing away old pictures and the thought of that gives me anxiety.  They cannot be replaced.  They are such treasures!  This little girl seems proud of her dress - the day this picture was taken must have hosted a special occasion in the child's life....and the big old house in the background...I wonder if it was her family's summer home?  Grandparent's house? 

And I wonder what happened to this little girl...did she live into old age?  Did she have children...grandchildren?  Did she go to college?  Live in the city?  The country? Was she happy? (I hope so!)

Now let us continue to discuss pictures, but please "fast forward" with me to present time....

I am twisted and crouching on my dining room floor with a camera plasterd to my face trying to take pictures of what I hope will be a giveaway on my blog (my first!).  I take no less than 50 pictures of my little creations (too close....too far away....yadda yadda yadda...) and in the evening anxiously download the pics only to discover none are worthy.  It seems the daylight was too direct.  So I set up my Ott Lite and take MORE pictures, knowing full well that your best bet for good pics is clicking them in the daylit hours (hmmm...."The Daylit Stitch"?).  These evening pics turned out much better, surprisingly.   But I still fear not good enough.  I will take MOoore pictures this afternoon and hope I am able to grab pictures good enough to post for a giveaway.

When I was selling on etsy, I read and read and read about how to take the best pictures for etsy.  I picked up a few good tips, but always felt like the pictures could be a lot better.  I have an older camera, but I believe it is fairly decent.  I would hate to think the camera is the culprit.  If anyone has any tips or suggestions, I would be grateful to hear them!


Sharon Wink Ormando said...

When I come across old pictures My mind wonders of what they were all about................always make a happy story out of them...........even when I'm buying antiques my mind wonders on who used it and how many times has it been passed down until it got to me.
My kids think I'm crazy.....Oh well their days coming .LOL

Lori said...

I cringe when I see old pictures for sale at antique shops. Who doesn't care enough to hang onto those memories? My grandparents pictures are precious to me and I will do my best to install the same in my children. I bet someone made the dress that little girl is wearing in that photo. You did a fantastic job on your giveaway photo. Great color, and lighting!! I find the best color in photos are the ones taken during the day with natural light and no flash.
Have a great day!

beau-jewellery said...

It saddens me when I see pictures being sold off at sales etc. Pictures should be cherished dearly (info on the back always helps too!). The little girl looks happy, and extremely proud of the dress. It would be great to know the story behind it.