Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I stopped by a local thrift store at lunch today and found (and bought!) this rooster.  The shop is great! They are constantly getting new things in and their prices are decent.  I don't know what it is about black and red roosters, but I love them.  I liked the shape of this rooster and the way the red paint is worn off.  And the black.   

Years ago my mom told us kids that she liked swans.  Mom is hard to buy for so for years she would get some type of swan or some-type-of-something with a swan on it for every birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day.  "Oh!  A swan!"  She would say acting surprised.  Finally one year she broke it to us..."I think I have enough swans now."  We were so lost after that.  Still to this day if we are shopping together, my sister or I will point to a swan on a shelf if we see one, out of habit I guess. 

Mom went through an owl phase too.  I like owls.  And they've regained quite a bit of popularity lately, too.  You can always tell when someone has either passed on or given up their owl collection when you walk into a thrift shop and there seems to be an unusual amount of owls staring at you.  These owl collections can grow fast and furious, though.  And once you reach a certain level of owl collecting, you gain the title of "The Owl Lady". 

I decided today that I need to keep my rooster phase in check.  If it gets out of hand, I don't want my daughter and her friends (and the neighbors, Girl Scouts, plumber, etc.) referring to me as "The Rooster Lady" someday.   Then again, that might be cool...("Hey man, your mom's roosters are really cool")  LOL...highly doubtful.  So I'm narrowing it down:  Black or red roosters only.  There.  That should keep me in check (wink! wink!).


rachel said...

I love your new rooster! Good plan on keeping your collection in check too! lol

Prims By The Water said...

I agree Lisa, I need to keep my bunnies in check...but it is so hard, especially when Easter comes around...I want to have more and more....LOL. As it is our kids think our antiques are junk...so I am teaching the grandkids early about their value. Janice

Angela said...

Love the rooster. It is different. Glad you kept it for yourself. Have a good day.