Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Click the above picture to see a slide show of rare Civil War pics
provided by the Associated Press on Yahoo! News.

As soon as I see an old black and white or sepia tone picture, my curiosity is instantly turned on and I have to check it out.  I've never been a big Civil War historian, but I do find it amazing how these folks lived and fought and suffered. 

I have a friend who is intrigued with the time period and reads
anything she can get her hands on pertaining to it. 

When visiting friends in Kentucky a few years ago, I was able to tour a southern mansion.  It sat out in the middle of nowhere...well, it seemed like nowhere to me because I had no idea where we were...and belonged to Cassius M. Clay...the original Cassius Clay, not the boxer...the visit really struck something within me...the amount of rich history jam-packed into once place...the beauty of the era...and the sadness.  Very moving!

There was one room upstairs in Clay's "Whitehall" that we couldn't go into
(kind of like Graceland...boy was I disappointed! LOL!)
and it was so inviting.  A velvet rope was strung across the doorway.  At first I thought they may have been doing some restoration work, but it didn't look that way.  The room wasn't like the others in the mansion...it had a low beam ceiling, small canopy bed...it wasn't furnished as decadent as the other rooms.  Someone asked the tour guide (who was a lovely young woman decked out in full southern belle reagalia on a day in AUGUST so hot it seemed hard to breathe at times) why the room was off limits and she simply said "It's a special room...we can't go in there".


I am so thankful to the people who restore old houses in their period look...whether they be simple farmhouses or southern mansions.  I understand that Whitehall was a mess for a long time.  I had read somewhere that the house's massive grand piano served as a nest for chickens until it was rescued and restored.  Whenever I learn of an old house being torn down it sure does make me sad.  Yes...it is costly to restore these old places, but what treasures! 


~Madalynne~ said...

Looking at those old photos gives me goosebumps. The Lincoln photo somehow "humanizes" him . . . he's no longer just an icon or historical character. Thanks for sharing!

basketsbyrose said...

Love love the old photo, and the Whitehall home! I also love to see how they lived and made it work. Was the roped off room for a sick child? Lot's of old home had a special room for children or family members that had mental problems, could this be that type of room? Questions and no answers!

Barb said...

Thanks for sharing! I will have to get back on and show my son who every summer does a reinactment of the Civil War at Camp Floyd here in Utah. He is 11 and loves anything Civil War or WWII.

KittyWampus said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa. The Civil War and its era intrigues me to no end; however, I never saw these photos before. Wow.
(So....you never did find out what was "special" about that room??! That's gonna drive me nutty crazy!!) ;o) Robin