Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Before "dollar stores", there was "the dime store": WOOLWORTH'S

This is a picture of the old Woolworth's building in my little town, the way it looked when I was a girl growing up.  I lived just a couple of blocks away and when I was old enough, my mom & dad would let me walk or ride my "banana seat" bicycle to "the dime store" to get some candy, or when I was older, to look through the 45's.....you remember what "45's" were, right?  Those small black records in paper sleeves you played on turntables?  ........you remember turntables, right? LOL!

Anyway...this picture doesn't show it, but there is a historical movie theater right across the street.  It is renovated now, but when I was growing up it was "vintage".  My dad was born in 1926.  He told me when he was a boy a band was always set up on the stage in front of the screen and played before the movie started.  Back to Woolworths...I used to stop at the dime store to buy candy...(and believe me, they had any kind of candy a kid could ever wish for and it was cheap)...before hopping across the street to the movies because the theater only sold popcorn at the time.  I remember those big, red Woolworth letters being all lit up at night above the teal blue canopies over the huge windows.  There was even a soda fountain in this store with a long bar and those cool old bar stools fastened to the floor.

They tore down that old Woolworths building in the picture this week.
All that is left is a big hole in the ground.  The building had been vacant for years and they say the basement was flooded and the interior was moldy.  I have to admit, it looks better already.  But I will forever cherish the memories of my old "dime store"  when it was the only department store in our small town.
Life was so simple back then! 


Anonymous said...

What great memories. We had a Ben Franklin five and dime store in our little town that you could buy candy by the pound or piece. Some kids from school would walk there on lunch time to buy some to share with the class. They also had 45's but my family only had a radio to listen to. Later my mom purchased a case type record player that the top was the speakers and she would buy albums and play them on saturdays when she cleaned house. We also had a movie theater down the street from the five and dime that me and my cousins would go to on sunday afternoons. Only cost 25 cents to get in and 50 cents for popcorn. Those were the days! The building where the movies were is still there but the five and dime is gone. Later when I became a teen, my mom gave me the record player for my room. I only had about six 45's to listen to. But it was better than nothing.
So now I treasure everyday just to be alive and well and enjoy the simple and small things life has to offer.
Country at heart

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ohhh...thanks for the trip down memory lane, Lisa! I saw that photo and thought - wow! that's our old Woolworth's! They must have all looked the same I guess. I didn't get to go there often as it was in a town about 20 miles from us, and we didn't "get to town" much growing up. But I remember the fountain (which we never got eat at!) and the creaky old wooden floors. It had a smell all its own. We lost ours years and years ago to a downtown renovation also. Those were the days!! :o) Smiles & Good Memories ~ Robin

~Madalynne~ said...

Your post sure brings back great memories! Our Woolworth's had the counter and stools too. I loved going in there at Halloween time and they would have a mountain of boxed costumes. They would hang some of them up for display. A Champion Outlet Store occupies the space now . . . progress I guess.

Firecracker Kid said...

Yep, I remember one of those in our river city long ago. In my little town there was a 5 and dime store where we could buy candy bars for a nickel. Oh boy, when we were young. Thanks for the memories:)

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out how to post the pin keep on Wendy's blog. I was determined to get it or die trying.
Hey! Now everyone can see your beautiful work.
Country at heart

Traci said...

Hi Lisa... Wow, did that bring back some memories.. I remember Woolworths, our had a lunch counter in it.. My mom would buy alot of her fabric there too.

And yes, I remember 45's, I still remember my very 1st one.. Now kids don't even know what a cassette tape if for, LOL... Those were the days!

Things are really changing in the little town where I live now too, they just tore down the old hardware store...

Blessings sweetie!

lilraggedyangie said...

Lisa, you making me feel old , I remember going to WoolWorths, and Ben Franklins and the 5&10 with my grandma to get yarn or whatever , I also remember riding my green bicycle with the white bannana seat all over ! Things will never be the same , Walmart etc.. may take their places but times will never be that simple again nor the memories so sweet! hugs lil raggedy angie

rachel said...

I remember my grandma taking us to the "dime" store ~ we always loved to go with her! It's sad to see those old buildings go ~ stores & stuff just aren't like they used to be :)

cottageprims said...

Loved your stroll down memory lane.My favorite part was the little diner in the middle of the store..Strawberry shake grilled ham and cheese and onion rings..Yummmy..I miss the simplicity of the little things too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Trace4J said...

French fries and gravy oh my!!
Ice cream sodas too.
I too had a banana seat bike.
Oh the memories.
Thanks for sharing
Granny Trace


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

We had a Woolworths too! I loved going there for candy :0)

deb said...

love this post...I have fond memories of Woolworths, grew up with them...love sitting at the counter and having a club sandwich with potato chips!!!! I bought my first make up there and I remember always smelling the Eau de Paris there!!!! I even bought fabric to make my first dress there!!! thanks for the memories!!!