Monday, June 27, 2011


Was in WalMart two weeks ago and noticed a fella carrying in a camp coffee pot like the one above to the customer service counter.  This weekend one of my husband's goals was to practice making coffee for camp next weekend.  We are coffee people.  In the morning we don't resemble anything human without coffee.  We are.....COFFEE ZOMBIES.

The pot leaked.  I bet either we got "that guy's" coffee pot he was returning or....say it with me now....They just don't make things like they used to.  Got a new was too weak.  Will be perfected by camp time.  All is good.

The weather this weekend was so beautiful I could hardly stand it.  Gave you the feeling like you wanted to do a million things at once and didn't know where to start.  That's the same feeling I get lately when I try to create.  Don't know where to start.  So I grabbed all of my patterns and went outside and attempted to organize them.  My results are pictured above - LOL!  Good effort anyway.  I was able to determine I won't have time to make enough for the July craft show and will focus on the fall craft show.  Hopefully I'll be able to post some fall creations soon.

The cat has been in heaven laying in the afternoon sun as it streams through the patio doors.  It was a long cold winter!  The little catnip pillow she's laying on was bought at a craft show last summer.  This lady was making sales left and right.  She was selling candles and cat toys and grew her own catnip.  This was one of my favorite shows because I found an awesome primitive booth!! I was so excited!!  The prims weren't flying off the shelf like the $3.50 catnip toys...but they were so perfectly prim. She told me that she didn't blog or etsy but sold on ebay.  I hope she is at the show again this year.

Time to get ready for a new work week.  I hope everyone has a happy week and can find time to create!

~*~ Lisa

Monday, June 20, 2011


Spent the weekend camping where the most urgent quest was to roast and consume the perfect marshmallow!

This is our very VINTAGE Holiday Rambler.  Last year when my husband's terminal shut down, the closest terminal he could transfer to was almost four hours away.  He works long days so that would leave no time to travel home.  He was a week away from literally sleeping in his car to keep his job because we couldn't afford a hotel room every night so we found this camper along the side of the road.  He lived in it in an abandoned parking lot.  When winter hit he had to use a propane torch to defrost the door hinges to get in!  I'm proud of him for doing what he had to in order to keep working.  We were blessed that he found another job that allows him to be home every night and instead of selling the camper we gave camping a shot!

This is the view of the road from our site.  The campground is pretty rustic with no water or electric hookup.  there are 52 sites and only 7 were occupied - all with vintage campers like ours! LOL!

These stairs lead up to the upper level of campsites.  We were on the lower level right on the lake so my daughter could go swimming.  I could make it halfway up before stopping for a rest - they were pretty steep!  The hill was filled with chipmunks - they were fun to watch.  And at night hundreds of fireflies put on quite the lightshow - it was so magical.

These dragonflies flew over the lakeshore all day long.  There were so many of them! And they were huge! My camera batteries died just as I was taking a picture of the lake, and I wanted to get a better pic of a dragonfly because their colors were much more brilliant than this picture shows.

Don't know what this stuff growing over the fence was but it smelled fresh & sweet!

Finally! I did bring my muslin & stuffing with me to camp and was able to get this far on one of the old dollies I'm making.  Thanks for visiting my campsite with me!  I have to get ready for work's taken over 1/2 hour to get this post done!  I look forward to being able to catch up on everyone's blogs soon!
Keep on creating!

~*~ Lisa 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Just a muslin head I stuck in a little grubby jar from last weekend.  Might end up as a witchiepoo!

Like many of us, I've fallen victim to the yardwork that needs to be done and haven't been able to blog as often as I would like!  The rain this year has given us an incredible growing season and everything is so lush and green.  My mom's lawn takes 2 hours to cut and if I rake, weedwhack and weed, that's 4 hours.  Then there's our yard.  And my daughter is on summer break, so she's raring to go and do.  I'm enjoying being outside and with my daughter, wish I didn't have to work full-time so I could do more of it, although I'm so thankful for my job.  But alas, the sewing and blogging have taken a backseat.  I apologize to my buddies if I'm not commenting as often lately...I will try to catch up when I can.  I know everyone has lots going on with graduations, weddings, camping, etc. too.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

Black cat shelf-sitter I made a long time ago.  Found this pic on my phone this week.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Received some goodies from Tonya over at this weekend! I was the "runner up" in her guessing game contest and she was kind enough to send me these consulation goodies, which I thought was so nice! Four rag balls, a little country crock ornie and two INSANELY scented grubby tapers - these babies make the whole room smell like heaven! Thanks so much Tonya!

I also won a guessing game hosted by Janice over at ! She sent some wonderful strawberries with two kinds of grass for them to nest in (neither of us could make up our mind, so she sent both!LOL!) and the great little wooden berry box. I remember filling these boxes with real strawberries as a kid! The berries are a lot bigger than I expected and are wonderful I love them. Thanks Janice!
Trying to catch up again on all the posts from the weekend...a lot of activity! A lot of creating going on!


Friday, June 3, 2011


These peppermint sticks were made from Liberty Candy with a picture of our founding father George Washington on each wrapper by Janice over at PRIMS BY THE WATER

For every one of Janice's followers who can bring over a new follower to her blog, she will give you her pattern FREE to make these peppermint sticks for yourself, including her secret to aging the paper (Oooo...I love secret prim-potions!).

New followers can also participate if they bring someone over. This SWEET giveaway will be open until June 17th, which will give everyone enough time to make these peppermint sticks to enjoy before July 4th....and like Janice says... the good thing about these candy sticks is that they have zero calories!

But that's not all! Every person who just wants to leave a comment on Janice's candy post without bringing a new follower over, will be entered into a drawing to be also held the night of June 17th. The winner of this drawing will receive 5 peppermint sticks in their choice of black/ white or color wrappers.  I KNOW!  You want to run over right now and enter, right? Just click the pic above for a shortcut there!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Was able to catch a picture of this beauty after work today.  I had a lilac bush this color outside of my bedroom window growing up and so I planted one outside my daughter's window.  The butterflies seem to love it...and so do the honey bees and fuzzy bumbles - gotta be careful when you sniff! LOL!
Butterflies amaze me - their color, shape, design.  Kind of like art from heaven.

Did get the sash & hair on L.L.  The hair is ram's wool I bought at a craft show. can't get much more natural than this unless it's still on the beast! LOL!  (The check curtains she is hanging from are in the back room where I sew...I found them at a yard sale last year for $3!)

Here's to a great weekend whether you're porch-sittin', creating, thrifting, relaxing or plantin'!  EnJOY!

~*~ Lisa

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Halfway done! Four watermelon slices in an old ironstone tea cup (Salvation Army find!).  The crow isn't stuffed yet.  Thinking about putting a skirt on her and a tag "Miss Crow's Watermelon Tea".  Will Figure it out as it goes.  Fun to see something come together, isn't it?  Then again...

Got around to dipping the saltdough star ornies in wax and wasn't impressed.  When my daughter was younger and she would get frustrated with a project I would always tell her "never judge something until you are done with it."  It took a while of playing, but when they were finished I was actually pretty happy with them!

Still working on the Lady Liberty Annie, but at least she's dressed.  She still needs her sash and some hair.  Also put together a mini Americana pillow...have to stuff still.  One of those items you don't know whether to stain or not...{insert crazy craft woman laughter here}'s getting stained! LOL!

I want to say how much I appreciate all my blogging buddies.  It's soooo great to be able to log on to see what you are up to, what you are creating, what goodies you have found for a bargain, how things are going for you.  Likewise it's so nice to be able to post pics of what I've been doing.  If I didn't have you to show my fabric watermelons sittin' in a cup with a crow, do you know who I could tell about them?  NOBODY!  I love my peeps, but they're just not into this and I love it so much.  Thanks for being out there to connect with.  You really are a blessing!

~*~ Lisa