Saturday, July 30, 2011


Woke up this morning to sunlight & shadows.
While sipping coffee on the porch decided to take inventory of my stitchin' progress...

Stitched shut-ready to be painted/embellished.

Need to be stitched

Deflated pumpkins, skinny witchies and flat-head scarecrows...I need to get STUFFING!

Now for the "STUFF" part...
Picked this stash up at the Salvation Army today.  I've always wanted these shutters in my windows...could paint them black & put them in the kitchen (shootin' for a burghandy/black/ochre french farmhouse feel) or paint them colonial blue & put them in the back room (shootin' for a colonial/saltbox/Americana feel) after the A/C unit is packed away LOL!  Or use them for ornie displays at a craft show.  They were $1 each.
Everything else was 50 cents each.  Would like to paint the cutting board black & add some pumpkins...don't know what to do with the blue wooden recipe box? Any suggestions?  The jars will be used for potions.

Picked this piece up for $1 a few weeks ago:
It's a little screen door with a picket fence.  Thought I'd paint it and stack some pumpkins on it, add some cobwebs...try to make it look like a porch decorated for trick-or-treat.  I'm not good at redo's, but have been so inspired by some of you gals out there, thought I'd give it a whirl.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend - keep on creating!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In Chinese the word for Good Luck and Bat sound the same (so I have read...I am not fluent in Chinese, LOL).  This is Fu-Fu, the good luck bat.  He is different...but very special.  His radar is off so he has to wear glasses.  One of his wings is slightly different than the other, so he often flies in circles.  But he is a faithful and dedicated friend and actually highly intelligent.

When my daughter was little, one of her favorite shows was Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese cat.  Sagwa was always getting into trouble and her best friend , Fu-Fu the bat, was always coming to her rescue.  The bat above is one of Lil Raggedy Angie's proto-types.  She had posted it a while back and mentioned the wing stitching was different than what she was going for.  I told her I liked her proto-type bat anyway because it reminded me of the show we watched when my daughter was younger and that brought back some sweet memories for me (you know how you get rolling through life and can't slow down enough for those simple memories to pop through...sometimes you need something like a bat who is different and special).  So what does Angie do?  She fashions a pair of glasses for her proto-type bat to make it Fu-Fu the bat, and takes the time to mail him to me!  My daughter was right there when we received the pkg. and we had fun remembering together.

Thanks Lil Raggedy Angie for your act of kindness! 

So I'm at the point where I needed to separate my WIP's into what needs to be "stuffed", "stitched" shut and "painted".  Notice how the first box on the left...the "stuff" box... is fuller than the last box!  This means I need to get it in gear.  I can't wait to add another favorite part: EMBELLISH!  That's when you really see your creation come to life.  If you need me, I'll be cramming stuffing into muslin...for the next week! LOL!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Patti over at Primitive at Heart has recently started a new Top 100 site that helps folks who sell their goods on a selling blog or selling blog page advertise for free.  Click the pic above to visit this new site and add your link to your selling blog or selling blog page.  It's a great way for people to find you in this big old world-wide-web and you can never advertise enough - especially if it's free!

In other news.....

The cat seems happy.  At least I think those are happy eyes...maybe I am confusing evil contemplation with happy.

Johnny Jump Ups would have been a lot thicker if it were not for the local squirrel life feeling the need to hide their nuts in the planter.

After all that digging in my planters they must be tired because they were napping in the limbs all over the other day.  Kind of cute the way they stretch their bellies out and hang their little squirrel legs over the branch.

Just another flower pic.  

Have a great week ~*~Lisa

Friday, July 22, 2011

OLM's My Heart Skips A Beat Giveaway

I've been wanting to participate Marie's Giveaway on her blog, "Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan" for a while, which makes us think about what makes our hearts skip a beat. (click on Marie's blog name above to check out this great giveaway!).

I've got so many things that bring me joy I couldn't narrow it down to just a few pics, so I'll just list them here...I hope that qualifies...

My daughter - the best thing that's ever happened to me
My husband and family and friends who make me laugh until I cry

Antiques, Farmhouses, Archaic Trees, The Woods, Folklore, Folkart

The Blue Moon above which stands for The Moonlit Stitch...this represents all of the wonderful people I've met through etsy and blogging who share their creativity and encouragement.  It is my escape, creative outlet, joy.

Above all: Hope in the promise of the Resurrection when someday I can meet the Maker and the loved ones that I yearn for!

Hope I didn't get too mushy-gushy there...I usually don't go into mushy-gushy mode...hey: anything for chance to win one of Marie's prim creations! LOL! 

~*~ Lisa


It's Friday! Let's see all those happy faces!

Didn't get a chance to sew this morning but have plenty of works in progress!  Gotta love it.
And the heat finally broke this morning...a nice cool breeze through the screens instead of a/c humming - gotta love that too!

Went to Joanne's with a friend last weekend and spent $10.  Wow...without the coupons stuff sure is expensive...but I found out yesterday our WalMart is finally getting their fabric section back: YEE-HAWWW!  Gotta really love it!

We are taking vacation next week and maybe camping if the heat stays under control.  Whatever we do, wherever we go, I'm bringing my stuffing, witchiepoo's, pumpkin heads, doll needles, scissors, floss, thread....whew...better start packing tonight (oh yeah, we're gonna need food & clothing too..hee-hee..priorities you know!).  I wish everyone a blessed weekend full of comfort, peace, creativity and love!


Monday, July 18, 2011


Was sitting in the backyard Saturday morning tracing out some patterns and enjoying the beautiful morning with some coffee before it got too hot to be outside.  I was thinking "it doesn't get better than this" when my husband came around the corner of the house with a box the mailman had just dropped off.  It was from Tamera at ! Tamera had done a giveaway and I was one of the lucky recipients of her goods:

A wonderful barn star with blue & yellow pip berries that Tamera made (she must have known I love stars & pip berries!), a sweet little sunflower notbook and two beautiful prim candles finished off with a tin star.  Tamera included a little note that explained the yellow star stands for health in body & mind (yep! I need that! LOL!), love of man and sun and connection to God...perfect! Thanks so much Tamera - you are a sweetie and I'm so glad we are blogging buddies!

A closer view of Tamera's star

Been concentrating on creations for a fall craft show and made a couple of potion bottle prototypes:

Black Cat Howl.....

.....and Spider Blood
(no cats or spiders were hurt in the making - I promise.)

Hope everyone has a great week and stays cool.  Keep on creating!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Scarecrow was my favorite in the Wizard of Oz.  I'm going to try and make a few more of these guys.

Went for a walk around the yard last night and snapped some pics of flowers.  I let a lot of things grow that most folks would probably cut down or dig up.  I love wild flowers.  Daisies and Black Eyed Susans remind me of summers growing up. 

I dug up these tiger lilies in the rain just before they tore down an old house they were growing next to.

(are they tiger lilies without the spots?)

This little girl is waiting patiently for the blackberries to ripen

Love the fuscia color of wild sweet peas

This lily is in a rock garden in the front yard - look at all the buds!

Side of the rock garden - love purple & gray together

Just a sittin' spot

Saturday, July 9, 2011


My husband & daughter were out of the house for a while this afternoon so I took the opportunity to lug my machine out to the dining room and was able to start some projects.

Decided to try painting the fabric before sewing.  The paint was quite diluted with coffee so it wasn't stiff, but after drying the color was more faded than I wanted.

Love how fast things dry outside in the summer!

Candy canes?  Well, kind of...

Sweet treats for good Boos and Ghouls!

Oh I had so much fun sewing today!

Thursday, July 7, 2011



This is Doodle Bunny.  I was doodling again and this is the result.  She went together so easy and fast so I thought I'd share the pattern with anyone who would like to make some.

Just go to the free pattern widget on my sidebar and click the full size icon on the lower right hand corner.  From there you can either download or print the pattern directly.

(I apologize for the pictures...they were taken at night by lamplight.)  If you decide to make a Doodle Bunny, feel free to send a pic - I would love to see your version!   I hope you have fun with it.  If you would like to sell the finished product, go for it!

~*~ Lisa 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I had time to introduce Patti's Boyd's Bear to the little Boyd's Bunny I had.  They really hit it off!  A little while ago I overheard him telling her how much he digs her long ears.  

Speaking of furry critters...we had a special visitor last night:
It's been quite a while since we've seen deer around our place.  This little lady had come twice to munch on acorns & greens.  Actually, she wasn't that little at all - this deer had the longest legs I've ever seen.  The chair in the pic is by our firepit.  The acorns are this side of the cedar bushes.  She was so timid.  As you can see, it's pretty rustic around here.  No manicured lawns to be found.  I just asked my sister to send some pics of her yard as she always does such a great job with her gardening.

Almost midnight - time to hit the hay!  (I think I hear the Bear serenading Miss Bunny...I hope he keeps it down!)

Monday, July 4, 2011



And Now...

Holy Swap, Batman!

Patti from Primitive at Heart and I did a "summer swap" recently.  Have you ever participated in a swap and felt totally outdone? Wow...did Patti ever go above and beyond! Like including the cute little Boyd's bear in the pic above (I have a little Boyd's bunny and I'm going to try and introduce them later!)

Everything was so perfectly prim and smelled so good!
Patti carefully packed this basket lined with doilies to the brim with items like this blackened beeswax tealight holder and "rusty" jar top and mini wreath hanger.  She also included 2 sets of these prim labels printed on stained muslin.

My pictures don't do justice to the wonderful Americana items Patti sent. Here again, everything was wrapped up in little bags tied with gingham.  See the muslin under the Americana goodies?  I was telling Patti we only have one quilt shop in town for fabric.  I actually went in there Friday after work to pick up a yard of muslin to trace patterns at camp and can you believe it?  THEY DIDN'T CARRY MUSLIN! Then I came home opened Patti's swap box - that girl sent 5 yards of muslin!

         So many smell goods! Tarts, dipped tapers & a pantry cake.  Check out the little wooden stars!

The sunflowers in a "rusty" can with a tin star, pip berries and sweet annie is probably one of my favorites.  Patti's work is so detailed and well-done.  Surrounding them are a painted star tin (in my colors...mustard yellow & burghandy!) dried spiced oranges, pantry cake, recipe cards and vintage wooden handled masher.

So there ya have it.  I've been outdone big time!  Thanks Patti, for your generosity and friendship!

While camping this weekend we were able to hit a craft show called the "dancing hippo".  It's been running for almost 40 years at an old stone-built town hall on a backroad about 10 minutes from our campsite.  Lots of baskets, quilts, woven items, hand-blown glass, alpaca wool, but no prims!  The closest thing I could find was a lady selling "softies", and they were awesome as were all of the other wonderful artists and their handmades. 

Blessings to all   ~*~ Lisa