Monday, October 31, 2011


Making slight progress on my WIP's for a Thanksgiving weekend craft show, but progress has its sacrifices.
My husband mentioned jokingly this weekend my "slacking" since I started sewing again (and something about the cat litter) while I was stuffing the stockings above.  I was just like, DUDE! How are the snowmen going to get their rusty-bell-buttons if I'm scooping the cat litter and doing the dishes every time I turn around? LOL.
I haven't been able to visit blogs and return emails as often as I would like to while sewing.  We all know once you sit down in front of that ole computer how time flies!  A few more weeks of winter creations and then another reprieve.  I hope you find time to do something you love this week! I'll drop by for a visit soon.


oh my gosh...I almost forgot...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wasn't gonna do this....but I'm enjoying everyone else's so much...thought I'd play along, hope you do too if you haven't yet!

A~ Age: 43
B~ Bed:
four post queen
C~ Chore you hate:
Cleaning the bathrooms-it's just boring.
D~ Dog:
Our old buddy died in Sept 2010 at age 13.
E~ Essential start to my day:
lots of COFFEE.
F~ Favorite color:
Purple and black.
G~ Gold or silver:
H~ Height:
I used to be 5'8", but I think I'm starting to shrink.
I~ Instruments I play:
I took piano in grade school and cornet in band.  I own 3 harmonicas for some reason.  People keep giving them to me.  Have always secretly wanted to be a drummer in a rock band.
J~ Job Title:
Secretary. Mom. Wife.
K~ Kids:
1 girlchild age 10
L~ Live in:
No. MI in the woods.
M~ Make of car:
Black Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4wd
N~ Nicknames:
"Hey...where's the..."  or   " we have any..."
O~ Overnight hospital stay.:
tonsils & childbirth (not at the same time)
P~ Pet Peeve:
those who park in the drop off lane at school in the morning
Q~ Quote from a movie:
Dude, where's my car?
R~ Right or left handed:
S~ Siblings:
2 sisters, one living
T ~ T.V. Shows:
Survivor, Real Housewives, Axmen, Swamp People...I can't handle anything deep because I cry too easy!
U~ Underwear:
I don't get this people not wear underwear? Isn't that painful? Cotton underwear, no slinky, stringy stuff. Comfort and safety first.
V~ Vegetable you hate:
I like veggies. Especially if they are deep-fried with lots of salt.
W~ What makes you late?
Running back in the house to make sure I unplugged the iron. Running back in the house to grab my phone.  Running back in the house to feed the cat.  Running back in the house to turn off the bedroom light.  Running back in the house to start the dishwasher.  Etc.
X~ X-rays:
I have x-rays of my head in my craft room.  Not displayed, or anything.  The hospital wanted them back.  They said they were theirs.  I figure I paid good money for them and it's my head...I'm keeping them.
Y- Yummy food that I make:
pork schnitzel from Patti's recipe.
Z~ Zoo Animals:
Don't really like anything caged or kept in a faux environment for entertainment or experiment.  Rescue is cool though.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goodies from Wendy

Came home from work on a cold, gray, windy & rainy day to find a cute little box on my porch.
It was from Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies!  Wendy had a contest to name their new kitten and I was one of the lucky winners.  Wendy sent a wonderful black cat on a stick with a little "BOO" tag and rusty bells around his neck - I just love him!  She also sent a bag of acorns tied with orange & black plaid material, two huge, yummy smelling wax corn molds and milk chocolate!
The card from Wendy is folkart by Michigan artist Sandra Somers, which I thought was cool since I'm a Michigan girl.  It looks good next to the old bottle & star from Patti/Primitive at Heart.
Thanks Wendy!  I hope you are enjoying your "Smidgen".

Here are a few things I'm working on.  Lots of muslin, warm n natural, ticking and homespun.  These will be santas, make-do's, stockings, gingers and snowfolk.  Believe it or not.  I've got a long way to go! But first I have to clean house, feed the people and do some yardwork at my mom's.  I've got so many crafty ideas and projects floating around in my head that I want to's driving me bonkers.

Thanks for visiting - I hope you are having a good weekend!


Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hard to believe just over a week ago the colors were in their prime and now we are seeing bare branches against cold, gray skies.  Will you take one last walk with me to enjoy the colors?
We'll start at the driveway by the road above...
...and work our way through the front yard...
The colors against the crisp fall sky are amazing!  Watch your step if you're looking up and walking at the same time...
Almost to the side yard...
...which is a WALL of fall color...almost to the firepit in the back...
The fire from this morning is still burning can see the smoke drifting up. we are at the paths that wind through the woods out back....come on, let's go:
Don't you love that woodsy fall smell?
The sun makes the leaves glow
This way takes us back up to the house.
There's the arbor by the shed - means we're back home.  Thanks so much for taking one final walk through fall with me! (I'm going to sew some santa elves & snowmen now!)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A couple of winters ago I was crafting in the middle of the night in the middle of a snowstorm and needed cinnamon sticks.  Didn't have any, so I made some, and here is how:

Gather up:
ground cinnamon
coffee or your favorite stain recipe
acrylic paint (I used antique copper, but you can play with the color)
osnaburg fabric
gloves are optional (it can get messy)

Cut your osnaburg fabric 3.5" x 5" (or longer if you choose)
brush or spray on your stain
brush on your paint
sprinkle cinnamon and gently rub in

Find the center of your fabric and roll one of thelong sides of the fabric tightly to the center
Roll the other side of the fabric tightly to the center, meeting the already rolled side
Sprinkle additional cinnamon if desired
Set aside to dry

Tips: the paint is what will make the fabric hold together, so make sure to cover all the fabric with it.
If you don't like the shape of the stick, play with how tight you roll the fabric.
After rolling both sides of the fabric to the center, dab some paint on each end and dip in cinnamon.

I tied these faux cinnamon sticks to some ginger ornies with red & off-white check fabric strips and loved the look...will be making some more this year!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Received my fall swap goodies from Patti at Primitive at Heart!
As always, she spoiled me.....
Fall color plaid homespun...awesome ceramic baking dish, fall scented tarts and handmade candy corn (rubbed in cinnamon that smell soooo good!)

These are my favorites! Patti painted a huge wooden bowl filled with grass and indian corn that she made and a caramel apple she made that looks so real...

...check out the old bottle (love it!), barn star ornie and whimsical JOL & pumpkin!

(sorry for the sunlight & shadows in the pics!)  Who wuda thunk mummy heads could be so darn cute!  Three witch brooms and an old tin cup...

Whimsical wooden bowl and matching star ornies and pots - love the polka-dots and swirls and purple, green & orange together!  Two Halloween notepads and yet more cute Halloween fabric! (I wish I could have gotten a better picture of everything)

A little boo ghost plant poke, Rigid Wrap for crafting, a blue mason jar full of my favorite candy, guinnea pig treats and kitty treats!  (disclaimer: a bag of Dove milk chocolate was also sent, but that is currently in hiding in my sewing room - LOL).

Thanks SOMUCH, Patti, for everything!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The mornings have been so beautiful with the mist sitting low on the fields.
This is a picture of the field down the road from our house yesterday morning.  It used to be a thriving apple orchard with lots of employees.  Now we import apple juice. I just don't get it.

This is a picture I took last week.  A river runs through our town and in the mornings the mist rises up from it so thick you can't even tell that it's there.

I've STILL been trying to catch up on blog reading - so much eye candy out there!  A lot of wonderful creations coming to life - fall decorating - can't you just feel the creative vibe in the air?

Santa from the Past

I've made the switch over to winter now.  The last few nights I've been tracing & cutting santa bodies & clothes.  Hopefully I'll be sewing by the weekend.  I love it so much - I wish I could stay home all day and create!  Something about this time of year that makes you want to bake and cook and decorate.....OH!  Speaking of baking and cooking - I actually did some of that on Sunday.  I don't cook OR bake well, but my buddy Patti at Primitive at Heart and her family are always doing something creative with food.  She has a recipe page now and I tried her Jagerschnitzel Pork and Cinnamon Oatmeal cookies - both turned out wonderful and I felt like Martha for a day - thanks Patti!

Have a wonderful, creative week!