Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I try not to get too worked up over issues.  There's a lot in this big old world to get worked up over.  But I read the following article just now and want to SCREAM and smack someone.
I don't know the history of this issue, but I can tell you that I will never eat horse meat.  Certain animals were not created to be consumed.  And I am not a horse person.  There is so much going on in this world we are not even aware of.  The people need to have a voice.  When asked about how he felt about the Occupy Wallstreet protestors, Newt Gingrich said "Tell them to go get a shower and find a job."  HEEELLLLOOO?  Newt!  Babe!  That's why the people are there!  There are no jobs because fat cats like you are greedy.  The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class disappears.  
Okay.  That's my rant for 2011.  One a year.  I promise.  LOL!


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Santa Make-Do pattern by Kim of Farmer's Daughter

Well blog buddies, I'm sure you are tired of hearing about the craft show by now, but this will be my final report! LOL!  Thanks for all of the kind, supportive comments, by the way.  You are the best blog buddies ever!  It really lifted my heart to come home and read them.  It was like having a friend sitting next to me.

Yesterday things picked up a bit and there were more shoppers.  There were only about 20 booths total and I could throw a snowball from one end of the hall and hit the other end.  I ended up selling just over half of my wares.  In the end the profit was only enough for another table fee.  But that's okay because I love the atmosphere of a craft show - meeting and talking to the other crafters. 

These raggedy candy canes were popular ... but no one bought them LOL!  Just a few sold.  I had a jar of peppermints sitting out for browsers - you can see them on the right - it was so funny - people would walk right on by and grab one on their way.  I would say "TAKE ANOTHER FOR LATER ON!" and laugh.  I would love telling the little kids that walk by to be sure & take one.

These black kitty's were meant for halloween but I didn't get a chance to finish them so I slapped santa hats on them and they all sold.  My friend who was sitting with me wants 3 and a crafter next to me asked for an orange one.

Not all of the prim dolls sold.  Which I understand because not too many folks do primitive.

Some of the other crafters at the show were selling the crocheted/knitted dishrags & towels.  A family who owned a farm was spinning wool & selling goatsmilk soap.  The next table had handmade Christmas trees made from grapvines and organic jam & teas.  There were yummy fleece blankets with all kinds of designs, baked goods, handpainted signs & Christmas bulbs, up-cycled t-shirts, jewelry and wreaths.

I have to say one of the best moments at the show for me was when a crafter - actually she's an artist - she paints amazing pictures and creates breath-taking jewelry - bought one of my red stockings.  They were really prim - rough edges, mossy sticks, spanish moss, pipberries and cinnamon rubbed.  She said it just touched something in her heart and reminded her of Christmas long ago when she was a child and they wouldn't have alot, but those were the Christmas' memories that were her most cherished.  I thought "She gets it!".  Yep.  That was the best moment!

Blessings on your week friends!


Friday, November 25, 2011


My little table at the craft show.  I have more pics but am having such a hard time uploading them.  Will try again later on.  Today was pretty slow, but at least I made my booth fee back.  Tomorrow will be a fairly long day 9-5.  Hopefully the pace will pick up so that it goes by quick!  There were three craft shows in our area this weekend and this one was the smallest with the cheapest fee and the only two-day show.  In the future, I believe I would choose to pay a higher fee for many reasons.  The santa head make-do in the top picture is from a pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard.

Monday, November 21, 2011


My camera is broke - another cell phone pic!  Just a sampling of snowfolk waiting for their fnishing touches.  At last I can finally put to use the shutter doors I found at the Re-Store for $10!  A little nervous about securing them...seconds before I snapped this it fell forward and almost crushed the cat.  It was so strange...she didn't even move.  She's such a trusting, loving kitty...somehow she knew I would dive across the room and throw my body in front of her.

The craft show is coming up in 3 days and I'm feeling the pinch.  Been up 1/2 the night creating for many nights in a row.  Last night it hit me:  the madness of it all.  Why am I doing this?  I can't even tell how things are turning out at this point.  Will anyone even be interested in any of it?  With this economy...will anyone even be shopping?  But I read a quote today that I really like:

"There is nothing wrong or unnatural with feeling weary, but there is everything wrong with abandoning ship in the midst of the fight."

ARRRRRGH!  I'm not walking the plank...The santas will get their beards!  The snowmen will get their noses!  LOL!

There is so much that I won't be able to finish for the show.  Maybe I take on too much and should stick to just a few patterns.  I dunno.

Spent the day in the emergency room with my mom Saturday.  Man, I hate that place.  She has ongoing issues, but will be okay hopefully.  What a crazy place!  Spent the better part of Sunday picking up the rest of the leaves in her yard...a fine snow started to fall as I was riding the bagging mower...the time is flying by so fast the seasons are overlapping each other instead of gently transitioning.

The requests for food, clothing and assistance with rent and heat at work are at an all-time high.  Times are bad.  My wish for this week is that everyone has enough to eat and a roof over their head - at least on Thanksgiving.   I am so thankful for my blog friends - God bless you and your families!


Monday, November 14, 2011


Found a couple of handfulls of Morning Glory stuffing in the bottom of the barrel (literally...I keep my stuffing in an old antique barrel!) and couldn't believe the difference. That's it on the left. I've been using the gritty, spongy stuff from Wally World - that's it on the right.  I knew Morning Glory was the best, but to hold it side by side with the other "stuff" ing...WOW.   Gritty spongy stuff makes my doll bodies pucker & wrinkle.  The stuffing tool pokes right through it.  Morning Glory is so nice to work with.  So smooth.  Soft.  I'm in love.  LOL!
Off to stitch & stuff until I fall asleep.  Hope you are well!