Saturday, April 30, 2011


If a girl spends her lunch money at the thrift store and has to survive on a pop-tart and some mints the rest of the day at work.....does it mean she has a serious problem?  LOL!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Finally got to try out drying oranges! (thanks Patti!)  I think I cut some of them too thick, but for my first run, I'm happy.  I didn't have anything to put in a bowl with them, so I grabbed an old candle in a crock, melted it all the way and dipped some clothspins in the wax.  After dipping, I sprinkled some cinnamon on the pins, let them dry, and then dipped them again.  It's so fun to try different things.
I hope you have fun trying something new soon too!

Edit:  I should have mentioned again that I got the directions to dry the oranges from Patti at "Primitive at Heart".  If you would like to try it, here is the link to her post:
Be sure to check out her other posts that tell how to dry in the oven and also dip in wax!

~*~ Lisa

Monday, April 25, 2011


Here are a couple of pics of the finished Witchiepoo doll for my sister.  I wanted to take some more detailed pics, but I'm just not feeling the best today (too much candy? LOL!).  She's holding her little pet crow, "Gypsy", who sports a bejeweled necklace (you know crows...they love bling!).  She is wearing faux fur loons with black sequin trim.  I tried to snap a pic of those, but she gave me the evil eye, so I thought I should back off.  It was a lot of fun creating her and seeing her personality develop as we went.  Madalynne from suggested twine for the hair, which was perfect for this gal-thanks Madalynne!   Witchiepoo & Gypsy will be traveling out west very soon.   I hope you have fun creating this week!


Friday, April 22, 2011


I've learned that when I can sit down at my sewing machine...or at least find it amongst fabric, doll body parts and who knows what's easier to make progress on a project.

Above is a pic of the little area where I craft.  My husband was sweet enough to put up some shelving a couple of years ago (mostly because he couldn't walk in the room because all my craft supplies were on the floor in boxes!) Boy, do I need to purge the items it holds...but I don't know where to start! 

My sewing machine is a $99 special from WalMart he surprised me with when we moved back home after he got out of the Air Force back in 1993.  You know, I've never oiled it or had it worked on...I don't really even remember dusting it...LOL!  It's been good to me and I love it so much.

The desk it sits on is a simple piece of furniture that my mom's dad made for her YEARS ago.  The rocking chair to the left is where I generally fall asleep at night before I stumble off to bed.  It was my mom's too and it's what she rocked me in as a baby.  Worse for the wear, and not worth anything, but I love it!

Some of my childhood toys sit on the top shelf.  Again, not worth anything, but when I look up at them from time to time it reminds me to think/feel with the heart of a child when possible:  love your dollies, never trade your best marbles, get excited for the holidays, don't get wound up too tight (that's when things break)!

But back to adulthood...time to clean my craft area...where to start?!?

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Not the best picture, but I wanted to share that I haven't been able to rust my pins successfully for a while until this week.  I tried to follow everyone's instructions - thanks to those who post tips on their blogs! But something just wasn't working... I finally bought silver pins instead of gold.  Don't know if that had anything to do with it, but I think I read to do that.  Then put them in a jar, covered them with bleach & salt for a day or so.  Dumped out the bleach, poured in apple cider vinegar & more salt and let them set for another day.  Tested a pin...still not rusting.  Then added peroxide to the apple cider vinegar.  Ah Ha!  After another day of soaking, layed them out on a towel and I could see rust!  It wasn't a perfect rust but much better than what I've been getting. 

This is a pic of the only decorating we've done for Easter this year.  Usually we go all out.  I made the bunny a while back and my daughter put some eggs in an old basket I just bought. It doesn't show in the pic, but it is that light victorian green color, which I love. The lamp was my grandmother's.  When we turn it on at night it gives off such a warm glow. 

I wish you all a blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


If you are ever doubtful of what you are capable of or become frustrated while trying to follow your dream, I would like to share with you the beginnings of some pretty famous people who most of us would consider successful:

Can you imagine your boss telling you he didn't want you to wait on customers because you lacked the sense to do so?  That's what happened to F.H. Woolworth when he was a young man.

Can you imagine having faith in yourself after dropping out of college and your first business failing? 
That's what happened to Bill Gates.  Looks like he didn't give up!

Can you imagine being turned down 1,009 times....that's ONE THOUSAND AND NINE times....before being accepted?  That's how many times Colonal Sanders' chicken recipe was rejected by restaurants before someone showed interest.

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor in the beginning and was told he "lacked imagination and good ideas"....poor fella....the editor I mean.

Orville and Wibur Wright battled depression and illness.

Abraham Lincoln went to war with the rank of a Captian and returned with the rank of Private.

Stephen King's first book, "Carrie" was rejected THIRTY TIMES.  He finally threw it in the trash. 
(His wife dug it out.)

Elvis Presley was told early on that he wasn't going anywhere and should stick to driving a delivery truck.
But Elvis dared to rock.

J. K. Rowling was nearly penniless, severely depressed, divorced, trying to raise a child on her own while attending school and writing a novel. Rowling went from depending on welfare to survive to being one of the richest women in the world in a span of only five years through her hard work and determination.
She is the creator of Harry Potter.

I hope this helps next time you feel down on yourself or rejected.
Never give up if you believe in something, especially yourself!

For more of the above, please visit the following link:


Back yard this morning when we woke up

Front yard this morning when we woke up.
'Nuff said.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


this picture in public domain

I love stars! I have always doodled stars, for as long as I can remember.  I've sewn regular stars for bowl fillers or ornies.  I've been wanting to sew up some barn stars for quite a while now.

The house pictured above sports a color co-ordinated barn star  (ohhhh how I love this house!).

What exactly are barn stars?  Most of your out there are probably already aware and have even posted about them, but I am learning and did a quick search on google and found out that they have been around for a while, supposedly being born from the Amish and German/Dutch folks who settled in Pennsylvania.  They are related to the "hex" signs the Pennsylvania Dutch painted on their barns and were possibly a way for a builder to mark his work.  I also learned that different colors stood for different things: for instance, brown signifies friendship.  The stars themselves can also symbolize good luck.

I remember my dad always had a horseshoe hanging outside over our doorways to the house, garage and shed.  I never realized it growing up, but much like the barn star, it was a symbol of the good luck he wished and hoped on for his household.

I'm also interested in anchor-plate stars.  These are the heavy cast iron or steel stars with the hole in the middle which were used for building reinforcement in a brick/masonary type structure, and were built right into a building. 

What is it about STARS that we incorporate them into our lives so much?  Is it that they are symbols of luck? Hope? The heavens? Light in darkness?

Does anyone know why Betsy Ross chose stars for the flag?

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I was able to make some progress on the witchiepoo doll for my sister that I posted a sketch of a couple days ago.  The pic above shows the pieces traced and ready to sew and the fabrics for her clothing.

Next, Witchiepoo was stuffed and sewn together, but she's way too pale-needs some color!

Ahhh...that's more like it! A nice shade of green, fit for any witchiepoo.

All done with the color, now time to dry.

I would've LOVED to have been able to sit her out in the sun to dry today, but couldn't because......

.....THIS is what we woke up to this morning.  This is the view of our front yard out the back bedroom window where my sewing machine is.  Although a bit depressing, it is nothing compared to what the folks down south are going through with all the tornado action, so instead of complaining, I've been trying to keep them in my thoughts. 

Will post more pics when I can get some clothes on the witch.

Right now I'm headed over to to check out more in depth some great tips Patti has posted regarding drying oranges and different things you can do with them.  I've got a big bowl of oranges on my counter nearing the end of their life cycle so her post was great timing!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Every time I hit a thrift store, I try to stock up on old candlesticks for make-do's and pinkeeps.
Above is a picture of my current stash that I took this morning when the sun was streaming through the front window (I like the shadow it casts in the picture).  I love being home when the morning sun is rising, which isn't too often since I work full time and we are generally rushing out of the house in the dark.  Sunshine streaming through the windows in the morning...a simple thing in life to appreciate for sure!

What prompted this picture was my search on my cluttered craft shelves for a very special candlestick I found at the thrift store last year.  It's actually the one in the middle of the basket with the wide base.  On the bottom written in pen it reads:

"A+    This is the best in the class!  Well done!  2/77"

This old candlestick must have been made for a grade in woodshop by a student back in 1977!

What would that make it...35 years old?  Not exactly an antique, but it made me wonder about the person who made it (oh I go again! LOL!).  Was it a boy?  Pre-teen? Teen?  Did he excitedly bring the candlestick that earned him an A+ home to his parents that day? Did his mother keep it on display in their home?  Was there another candlestick to go with it?  Who brought it to the thrift store?  Did the person who made it or his/her parents pass on and realtives cleaned out their house?  Did they simply not want it anymore?  Is the woodshop teacher who wrote the note of encouragement to his student still alive?

I don't have the heart to cover up the writing or re-do the candlestick just yet.  I don't know if I ever will.  I just think of a young boy's heart being filled with pride and joy (I hope) when I look at it and it reminds me to try and encourage the young people around me and give them a "atta boy!" or "atta girl!" whenever possible.

The other candle sticks are a dime a dozen, and OH YEAH BABY....they're gettin' primmed! LOL!

Have a blessed weekend creating, dreaming, resting, exploring, laughing, healing, planting, caregiving, or whatever you are doing!    ~*~ Lisa

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was texting with my sister who lives out west yesterday.  She moved out there a couple of years ago and boy do I miss her!  We share a passion for antiques, history, folklore, country, old houses...and so much more.  On a lot of weekends you could find us....well, no, you couldn't find us because we would be travelling down some back roads miles from home talking up a storm and laughing 'till we cried and hitting every little antique shop or greenhouse we could find.

Years ago I made her a little witchiepoo doll and she mentioned yesterday it was lost in the move and she would like another one.  So last night in between SURVIVOR (I wonder...does Boston Rob have control issues at home? LOL!)  and balloon volleyball with my daughter (a 10 year old can play balloon volleyball for 24 hours straight if you're game) I sketched out the witchiepoo pictured above for my sis.  Just not quite sure what to use for hair?  And I've never sewn fingers like that on a doll before, so I'm sure I'll blow them out turning & stuffing, but that's okay, we'll make it work.  

If you are working on a project today, my wish is that you are receiving JOY from it! And if you are taking a break today and resting, I wish you PEACE! 
Take Care   ~*~ Lisa   

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


LOL! I didn't mean these cute little bunnies were "The Deadliest Catch" (Can bunnies be deadly? Is there such a thing as an "evil" bunny?  whoops...sorry...must focus...)  The new season for the TV series on the Discovery channel about the Alaska crab fishing boats started tonight and I was stuffing the little bunnies while watching the show...strange combination!

This fabric has been stashed in my closet for YEARS and was supposed to be part of a black and red quilt I had planned when I quilted.  I finally decided it was time to cut into it.  If I want to make that quilt down the road....I'll collect more fabric!   Don't know if you'd call it "french country" or not (a style I love)...whatever it is I had fun making them and will enjoy them in my kitchen.

Whatever you are working on today...ENJOY!


Click the above picture to see a slide show of rare Civil War pics
provided by the Associated Press on Yahoo! News.

As soon as I see an old black and white or sepia tone picture, my curiosity is instantly turned on and I have to check it out.  I've never been a big Civil War historian, but I do find it amazing how these folks lived and fought and suffered. 

I have a friend who is intrigued with the time period and reads
anything she can get her hands on pertaining to it. 

When visiting friends in Kentucky a few years ago, I was able to tour a southern mansion.  It sat out in the middle of nowhere...well, it seemed like nowhere to me because I had no idea where we were...and belonged to Cassius M. Clay...the original Cassius Clay, not the boxer...the visit really struck something within me...the amount of rich history jam-packed into once place...the beauty of the era...and the sadness.  Very moving!

There was one room upstairs in Clay's "Whitehall" that we couldn't go into
(kind of like Graceland...boy was I disappointed! LOL!)
and it was so inviting.  A velvet rope was strung across the doorway.  At first I thought they may have been doing some restoration work, but it didn't look that way.  The room wasn't like the others in the had a low beam ceiling, small canopy wasn't furnished as decadent as the other rooms.  Someone asked the tour guide (who was a lovely young woman decked out in full southern belle reagalia on a day in AUGUST so hot it seemed hard to breathe at times) why the room was off limits and she simply said "It's a special room...we can't go in there".


I am so thankful to the people who restore old houses in their period look...whether they be simple farmhouses or southern mansions.  I understand that Whitehall was a mess for a long time.  I had read somewhere that the house's massive grand piano served as a nest for chickens until it was rescued and restored.  Whenever I learn of an old house being torn down it sure does make me sad. is costly to restore these old places, but what treasures! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I can't believe the moment has arrived!
Before I announce the winners, I want to say once again "Thank You!" to everyone who participated!

It is hard sometimes to keep up with all the wonderful giveaways out there...I know it is for me...I appreciate those who posted on their sidebar....I want to also say I appreciate those who just stopped by to say they would like to enter.  I even made a few new blogging friends who didn't sign up because primitive isn't their thing but shared they enjoyed the blog.  I thought that was great!  It's all good!
I assigned everyone a number as they signed up and used the Random Number Generator to pick the winning numbers. The first winning number belongs to:
YAY!!!  Carol will be receiving the bunny, birdies and vintage sewing accessories tin pictured above!
I'm sure most of you are familiar with Carol, but if not, she and her hubby, Tim, create wonderful primitive/country furniture and accessories from wood.  You can check out her blog and links to her shops by clicking her name above!

The second random number was assigned to:
YAY!!!  Patti will receive the bowl of bunnies pictured below.  Patti is a new blogging friend I am so glad to have met.  She has a lovely blog and has been working on some prim flowers I really like! Stop by to visit Patti by clicking her name above.

Take Care and have a wonderful day!   ~*~Lisa

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well, it's been an interesting spring break!  Kicked it off with a snowstorm at the beginning of the week...that's a picture of our backyard as it was letting up...and all of the peeps in the house got sick.  But we are on the road to recovery and it was a beautiful day today!

I had dreams of sewing prims to my heart's content this week, but the sick people came first.  That's' good to have something to look forward to! 

Speaking of looking forward to things, my first giveaway ends this Saturday, April 9th!
I will announce the winners on Sunday, April 10th.   I can't wait to see who will win!  I am so thankful to everyone who stopped by to visit and signed up. 

Off to put on a pot of coffee in the hopes of buying a few extra hours tonight to play with some creations!