Sunday, January 22, 2012


My sister has a green thumb.
That's putting it lightly.  She has a green hand.  My sister has moved around a bit.  But anywhere she lives, you can expect to walk into a "jungle" within a few months of her settling in.  Right now she is forcing hyacinths, pictured above.  She lives on the other side of the country, but she will send pics to me from her phone of her newest ventures in gardening.  And I will drool.  She can turn any yard into a magical land of trails and trellis', vines and color, chimes and whimsy.  Inside, she always manages to find the right light to make things grow and thrive.  But I know it's more than that.  I know it's magic.

As a side note...I have been having computer troubles (insert blues guitar here) at work AND at home.  I just logged on with my hubby's laptop and found out Picnik is closing down in April - I love that site!  Going to try and hijack his laptop tonight to catch up on blog reading and see what everyone has been creating!



Hillcresthome Prims said...

Lisa, your sister sure does have a green thumb. I really loved seeing the beautiful flower's in the picture you posted!
Now I can't wait for spring and summer.
Have a great day.
Prim Blessings,

alltheseboys said...

I have a sister like that too...beautiful flowers in the summer..I kill everything!! My thumbs are more like the angel of death if you are green, lol!!! I've been having computer problems too!!! It's so frustrating. Katie

Jackie Proctor said...

My Mum and daughter can put any cutting in the ground and it just grows for them even the ones that shouldn't. I envy that talent. Definitely magic in some peoples hands, I agree.

Angela said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing the flowers,, brings sunshine to a stormy , gloomy day here in Ga. The purpose of outside to me,,, is a path to reach my car. (smile) I am definitely NOT an outside person. My mister on the other hand loves flowers, gardening and outside. Sorry to hear you are having computer problems. Hope its resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

I love flowers and house plants but I don't have a green thumb either. Some people have it and some don't. Glad you are able to blog now, nothing like having the computer on the fritz. Thanks for sharing the wonderful picture.
Country at heart

Prims By The Water said...

Your sister sure does have the green thumb...I have a black one. lol..I was also kinda mad when I read that Picnik is closing up too...I found a new site that is similar, but I forgot to write it down...will have to find it again when I'm at the store on Sat. and email you it. Stay warm Lisa, Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

I tend to hold my own on outdoor plants - but not so much on indoor ones....and I have no imagination as far as garden design/landscaping. Maybe you should send your sister my way. I was bummed about Picnik too - I had just found that site and learning what it could do and bam, it's going to be gone. So when Janice emails you the name of the site she found, please "pass it on!" Happy Thursday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing. Your sister certainly does have a green thumb.