Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is Eggbert the bunny.  He was made from a pattern by Soft In The Head.  He went together pretty fast.  The picture doesn't show it but he has a wire hanger running from paw to paw for hanging. I only stained him very lightly around the face and edges of his egg belly and used osnaburg instead of muslin.  Fun bunny to make.


Saturday, February 25, 2012


Poor 'lil ole neked bun in a cloud of Morning Glory.

Same little bunny heavily stained with stitched face and "old friend" stamped on his belly. 

I never now what to expect from staining lately.  This came out more heavy than I'm used to, but in the proper prim surroundings he might fit in.  He's actually going to be joining a few other bun's on a trip next week.  I wanted to take a picture so I could remember him.  He really is a cool little bunny.

Speaking of bunny's...I love them.  Always wanted one.  At the county fair the first place I drag the people is to the 4-H bunny barn.  I don't know all the proper names, but I love them all.  Today while getting hair cuts, one of the lady's said they had 2 of the big bunny's they were looking to give to good homes.  The kind that get as big as cats and bigger.  I pondered: is this fate?  I thought: me want one.  But once I removed my feelings and looked at the facts...we currently have a 3x5 foot guinea pig cage in our living room where a sideboard and table should be, along with a cat bed.  Add a huge rabbit habitat and it's Green Acres.   Guess I'll have to stick with the muslin bun's for now!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Just a bun I made a while back. One of my favorites.

I'm late in doing this because I was sick last weekend, offspring sick during the week and been trying to catch up, but I'd like to thank a few ladies for passing on some awards: First of all, Michigan basket artist Rose of Baskets by Rose passed on the "Liebster" award a while back which is meant for blogs with under 200 followers.  I get real nervous about awards because I never know how folks feel about them, but in the spirit of the award I would like to mention two blogs that I love (out of so very many!):
Trish of Me 2 U Primitives is a master with muslin and makes the cutest creations-be sure to pay her a visit!
Patti over at Primitive at Heart just started sewing some wonderful prairie dolls - tell her to keep that machine humming! 

Next, a lot of us have been seeing the green "Versatile Blogger" award flying around...thanks to Robin of the Pimitive Hutch and Laura of Cave Creek Primitives for passing it this way.  You are supposed to share 7 things about yourself folks might not know and pass it on.  I am so far behind in catching up on blogs, I've lost track of who has awarded, is award-free, accepted, passed on, as I'm sure a few of you have, so I invite everyone reading this to post 7 things about yourself we may not know!

Well...here's my seven:
1.  Drove a U-Haul pulling a car from Nevada to Michigan straight through in 48 hours.
(after 3 years in Germany and 1 in Vegas, this Michigan girl wanted to go home!)
2.  I've had reoccuring dreams since childhood about tornadoes and plane crashes.
(never make it past take-off)
3. Don't like to ride in elevators.
(and if my sister is with me she will jump up and down and say "oh no! are we gonna fall?" while I yell at her.)
4. I enjoy people who make me laugh and laugh with me.
(this is why I'm still married)
5.  Can't sing but pretend I can on a regular basis.
(except in church, I always lip-sync)
6.  Can't watch sad movies - end up a useless blubbering heap for hours or even days.
7.  Some people on my mother's side of the family are born with an extra rib.

Very simple and boring.  Some gals have listed things short of being NASA rocket scientists.  There are so many interesting, brilliant, awesome, talented, funny, creative, kind folks out there...what if we didn't have the internet -would we ever meet and get to learn about each other?

Still trying to catch up on blogs...been out of commission a week and it feels like I am so far behind!
Hope your weekend is healthy and fun!


Friday, February 17, 2012


Nawww...that's not a ghostie, it's me!

Don't you just love "sepia tone"? I've always loved the old sepia photos - they make everything look so 'ghostly'.  For myself, though, I love it because it hides the wrinkles, the roots, and all the other nastiness!  LOL!

But when I am a ghost - oh yes, I plan to come back and have fun (hee-hee!) - maybe I'll look like this.  I'll pop out from under the bed and snap a picture of you and then fade away.  I'll especially haunt those who do not like to have their picture taken, therefore it will be extra scary. 

Do you ever notice on the ghost hunter shows (you watch those, right?) that they are always looking for ghosts from the 1800's?  It's because of the sepia photos!  Think about it...do they ever hunt for a ghost with an afro, groovy hip-hugger-bell-bottom pants and a disco chain necklace?  Nope.  Never.  Or what about a valley-girl from the '80's with big hair and neon spandex?  Nope.  Always a ghostie in flowing white gowns or a civil war uniform.  Neither of which are scary.  Now the afro and neon spandex?  That's scary. 

Hope you have a fun weekend! I noticed a couple of really cool tutorials while cruising through my reading list this morning.  Can't wait to check them out!  Keep on Creating!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Most of my little collections have started unintentionally like this one.  They are dusty and dented, but I love them.  Going to clean these up and figure out a way to display them. The little pot in the front with the glass top is from my mom.  Can't you just see folks sitting around the table early in the morning drinking coffee perk'd on the stove in these, talking about how their day is going to unfold?  Now we grab our coffee on the run in styro cups. LOL.  Maybe that's why they touch my heart: a reminder of simpler times.  (that and I love coffee!)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Years ago my dad gave me an ironstone pitcher.  I used to see collections of white ironstone in magazines like Country Living and loved the look.  I can't afford ironstone, but love to seek out white pitchers at sales, and from time to time my sister surprises me with one.  These are just a few I have.  In the winter I like to fill them with red berries & greens.  Simple pleasures - the pleasure of simple.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day to all.

If you didn't get flowers or candy or hugs,
remember it's the plain old everyday's that really matter when it comes to love!

Patience when a little one wants to zip up their jacket by themselves...
A smile returned to a stranger in the store...
Holding the door open for someone at the Post Office...
Saying "I'm sorry"...
Saying "Thank you!"...
Saying "Love You"...EVERY DAY.
And loving yourself, too!

I love you guys!


Sunday, February 12, 2012


A little bunny of my own design.  Dress & carrot fabric were a recent gift from a sweet friend, which made this project even more fun to watch come together.  Back to work in the morning...sure wish I could stay home & sew! LOL!


Saturday, February 11, 2012


My 11 yr old has been knitting again.  These are her favorite colors!

She likes to make little pillows with patches.  This yarn is scruffy but as soft as silk.

And now she's making me a travel pin cushion. YAY!


Friday, February 10, 2012


A little birdie told me it was someone's birthday today...

I was walkin' along, minding my own business, see...and I heard a soft voice call to me:

"Pssstt....hey kid, comeeeere a minute."

There was this little yellow bird standin' against the wall looking all Starsky & Hutch.

I could have SWORN he was one of Granny Trace's very own woolie chicks in disguise.  But that would be crazy, right?

Anyhow...this little bird tweets to me that it's Granny Trace's birthday today and to be sure and wish her a woolie day full of joy!

So here goes...HAPPY WOOLIE BIRTHDAY TRACE!  You are a sweetheart!  ENJOY!


Sunday, February 5, 2012


Sometimes I like to encourage folks & friends with the words "Keep On Creating".  That means, don't stop being inspired, don't judge a creation before it's done, you can't "do" art wrong.  That's why I love craft shows and creative blogs so much - even if it's something I'm not into, or am not talented enough to get into, I love to see people create. Love all kinds of tutorials and pictures of craft booths and craft rooms or areas.   I love work-in-progress pics!  

A pile of muslin body parts on a cookie sheet waiting to be stained is such eye candy. 

And to see what people do with their thrift finds to re-purpose them! The imagination....and the way people decorate!  I love it.  I love being inspired by creative minds.  And I don't know why? Maybe it's just reassurance that people are loving life or making the most of it and finding comfort in their craft.

I don't knit.  Tried it when I was a girl and it was a "no-go".  My mom gave her knitting box to my daughter last fall and after reading a few how to books she went to town.  I came home one day from work and she was so excited to give me her latest creation - a pinkeep - pictured above.  I am using it and love it so much.  She inspires me and I am so thankful that she receives joy from creating. 

And so this week amidst our health issues, heartbreaks, stresses and other "life stuff", I encourage you to "Keep On Creating".  Even if it's just a sketch on a napkin or an effort to organize your craft area/room/studio.  May you find joy, comfort, solace in your craft.  So thankful you are out there - you inspire me to "Keep On"!