Friday, March 30, 2012


This is a pic I just snapped out the door at work.  Yep.  It's snowing.  I feel so bad for the robins.  There seem to be a larger amount of them this year.  All puffed up standing there lookin' around like "what the heck is going on?"  Don't know if they've had a chance to build their nests yet.

Although I feel bad for the birds, it's a nice excuse to stay in and feel cozy and thankful and hopefully find time to have fun catching up on projects.  I hope you can do the same this weekend!



TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Lisa this is awesome!! Nice weekend to you, *smiles* Norma

earlene said...

Lisa you can keep it up your way!!!LOL
I will be so bummed if it was here. I want the warm weather back. The cold can't last too much longer.
enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lisa, snow? I thought we were done with the white stuff. I think the birds will be ok as long as they can still find things to make their nests with. Looks like a perfect day to stay in and sew.
Country at heart

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Lisa, the snow is beautiful, but I know you want warm weather. Hugs,Lecia

Patti said...

Perfect weather for sewing. Love the pic.

Prim Blessings,

Angela said...

Wow! snow for you and we are in the 80's. Sounds like a fun day to stay in and snuggle and create. Enjoy it.

peggy said...

You are much north of me, we had a little hail and some big rain. I have been watching the birds, they are holding off here on the nest-building, just kinda casing the joint for now. I sewed yesterday. Happy Saturday!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hummmm...Snow! Poor Robins is right we have a lot of them this year too and they are busy building there nest and singing there songs..I'm sure yours aren't to happy about the snow..
I hope you found something fun to work on while you wait out the cold and snow over the weekend.

thanks for stopping by and leaving me your well wishes and prayers. Feeling pretty good today!

Have a great weekend!


Trace4J said...

Oh beautiful.
I heart the SNOW!
The doo run run the doo run run.
Hugs Trace

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hmmmm....could it be I skipped this post for a reason? ;o) We're back to cold here too now....with hard freeze nights. Glad there's no precipitation in the forecast, as I fear it would come upon us white. Robin