Monday, April 9, 2012


Had some days off and went to the Salvation Army and came home with the above.
A pair of window shutters, two baskets, a washboard planter, two metal molds and a wooden candle sconce.  I have thrift guilt as I think I probably paid too much.  I'm not going to lie - all of this cost $14.  The shutters were $3 each and the washboard was $4.50.  Everything else was $1 or under.  They also had a huge birch basket for $4 and a metal hurricane candle lamp for $3.50 that I passed up.  LOL - I'm pretty cheap and don't like to pay over a couple bucks at a thrift store.

When I was little I used to sit in my grandma's kitchen and just look around while my parents visited with Grandma & Grandpa at the table.  She had so many vintage things - including a wringer washer!  Yep - that's always how she did laundry, never owned a new washer or a dryer.  She had a lot of these copper colored molds hanging above her stove, so they remind me of her. 

The shutters are going to be black after they get "de-funkified".  I hope they will go in the kitchen window with all the other plans I have for the kitchen.  I am cautious because my husband gets "nervous" when I hang too much or have too many things sitting around.  I think that's why I'm slow to change things.  We'll see what happens.

So, anyone else out there ever have "thrift guilt"?   LOl!




You should be doing a happy dance, great buys. Those shutters are great. My husband likes the no cluttered look, doesn't want me to change anything, I make small changes every once in awhile and he'll ask why I did that!

Angie Berry said...

Great finds, love those shutters! I know what you mean Lisa, our Goodwills around here aren't cheap like what Linda from Parker's Paradise finds. Her GW is definitely not connected to ours, lol. Even some of our thrift stores have higher prices. I have seen their prices rise over the past year. I truly believe that with the popularity of Pinterest and so many non-crafters out there realizing that yes, they can re-do it themselves, that the thrift store people are marking it up. I don't find near the great treasures at great prices that I used to. I'm pretty cheap too, but I like to call it frugal, lol.

peggy said...

You are lucky to find some shutters. I never feel guilty except when my daughter says "you went without me".

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha!! I'd have to find something to buy at our thrift stores to feel guilty! Truly - ours have just pure kitschy stuff....and want a fortune for it. I need to a locale that has better junk! I think you did great! And no way I'd be feeling guilty about 14 buckaroos....those shutters alone are worth more than that!!! Sorry I'm late here, but hope your Easter was a joyous one.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Trace4J said...

Love all your finds.
All my stuff makes my hubby nervous
But I love treasures.

Patti said...

Don't feel guilty. I just went to our local Salvation Army last week and spent $25. I did have my daughter with me. I bought her a few things but most of it was for me. I did get some pretty good deals. I just love the shutters and I think they would look awesome painted black. Wash board would look great in your laundry room with some greenery and berries.

Prim Blessings,

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Wonderful finds Lisa!!!
I don't feel quilty ~ if I didn't want it I wouldn't have bought it. Sounds like you have some plans for your finds ~ so well worth the price!!!
Prim Blessings

earlene said...

Great finds Lisa!

Put my bunny away today and thought of you!


Jackie Proctor said...

There is no such thing as Thrift guilt!!! I think you did amazingly well really. I agree with Angie on the rising prices in Thrift Stores what we call Op Shops. It is happening here in Australia too, they are more second hand shops now and really no fun at all anymore.