Thursday, June 21, 2012


Just cking in real quick, I know everyone is busy enjoying summer!  Last fall my friend Barb thinned out her iris' and gave some to me.  They bloomed this year and turned out to be my favorite color.  The blooms are huge - you can cup them in both hands.  I dig 'em!

Been listening to a lot of Justin Townes Earle.  He is the son of Steve Earle (Copperhead Road? Anyone? Anyone?) I would cut off my left foot to see this young man in concert.  He has that raw, old timey sound and talent you simply have to be born and blessed with. DIG. HIM.

Not the best picture, but wanted to share how close this bandit came up to the house last night.  He was out early looking for a snack.  Hopped up on the porch.  I told him he had to go and he just gave me a dirty look and slowly rambled back to the woods. I really dig wildlife! 

My girlfriend gave me these plates for my birthday, along with an awesome lunch of taco fries (fries smothered in taco fixin's - yum!)  I had these in my hand a couple of months ago and then put them back cuz I felt guilty.  Didn't even tell her and she picked them out for me.  Love it when someone knows you and what you dig!  YAY!

Youth theater camp ends this weekend and we only have 5-6 more soccer games so I hope to catch up with my blog buddies soon again.  Been cking in here and there real quick.  Looks like everyone is enjoying their gardens and summer recipes.  I hope those who are dealing with surgeries and healing are better soon.


Thursday, June 7, 2012


No one told the cat school is out, it's summer break, and we get to sleep in an extra hour and a half.

Like clockwork she's in my face between 6:00 & 6:30 a.m. purring like a cement truck and putting her paw on my closed eyelid as if to say "open those".  Now, you tell a dog to "git" and he understands and obeys.  You throw the cat off the bed 10 times and she's right back in your face, poking your eyeball with her paw.  Whip the pillow at her, she runs out, shut the door and she sits outside it yowling like she hasn't eaten in weeks and it sounds like a pitiful "OHHH NO.  OHHH NO."   Gonna have to sit her down for a talk and explain I guess.

Since I'm complaining, can I just say if you are going leave 5 pieces of coveted gourmet candy corn from a specialty fudge shop in the bag that was over half full last time I checked, you might as well torture me.  "Oh cool! Five kernals left! THANKS, whoever ate the whole bag! Mighty kind of ya!"  GEEESH.

Okay, I need some fresh air, let's take a peaceful walk in the yard.  Looks like the monk is checking for rain, we could sure use it.

The hummers keep flying up to my dollar store whirly-gig.  My husband keeps asking me to take it down because he feels guilty about disappointing the birds, but I like the colors against the brown, primitive stuff.  A bird tried to make a nest in the wreath, but it didn't work.  You can kindof see the moss & grass hanging down from it.

A little fairy used to live in the base of this tree when my daughter was little.  All that's left is the front porch.

The blackberry bushes are full of blooms this year.  Can't wait.

Zen in the trees.  Ah.  I feel better now.

I've been getting a lot of "message undeliverable/delayed" emails back when I try to respond to comments.  I don't know why?  WHY?! Does this ever happen to you?  I am trying to respond to all comments, so I apologize if you haven't heard from me.  I'm always so happy when you come for a visit!

TGIF ~*~Lisa

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Had a chance to hit a couple of garage sales on Memorial Day weekend and found this little camera for 75 cents.  It is an old Kodak Brownie.  It is in great shape but is missing the huge dish looking flash that plugs in to the side.  To view your image, you hold the camera at your waist and look down into it.

The lady at the sale didn't charge for the dust.

Found this old sifter at one of my favorite consignment shops for $4.  I don't have room for it so it sets in the back room where I sew.  I can just see a grandma wearing a well-used apron standing over an oil-cloth covered table holding this over a big yellow-ware bowl.  (Romantic much?)

I like the green knob on this one.

The pink bottle almost done.  I wanted to mention that if you should happen to try this, don't use crazy glue as it clouds the glass (and seals the skin under your fingernails to your nails - yuck).  I have learned over the years that crazy glue is not my friend and try to stay away from it, but I was weak and used it on the top half of the pink bottle.  If you click to enlarge the picture you might be able to see what I'm talking about.  Have to stick with epoxy from now on.

Hope your week is going well!


Saturday, June 2, 2012


I apologize for the long post-usually try to keep it short, but, gosh it's been a while! Last time I posted the lilacs were in bloom and now they are done.  This lilac is in our backyard and draws many butterflies every year.  I try to take pics of the different butterflies - this is the one I got this year.

I've tried to check in here and there the past few weeks, but was working on a silent auction for the youth groups at church and that took up a lot of time.  While setting up, I dropped an eight foot table on my foot and broke my toes...I actually took a picture to post - of my black toes - but decided it was just to gross to share! LOL! I have spared you the grotesque-ness!

When I last posted, we were on our way downstate to my daughter's regional cheer competition.  Well, they didn't place, but are ready to start practicing for next time and the experience was good for all the girls.  Now she is into soccer season and doing a theater camp all month.  That's another reason why I've not been able to blog hop much.  In fact, I got to feeling kind of disconnected being away from my creative blog buddies.  I commented on this to my buddy Robin over at Baggaraggs and do you know what that girl did?  She sent me a package FULL of magical Baggaraggs snippets for creative inspiration and to share the message, don't feel alone or disconnected! Thanks Robin, you are great!

Then there was the fire.  (Didn't I mention that?)  It was so hot & dry mid May that our woods caught on fire. There were firefighters and DNR running all over the place cutting trees and dumping water.  They did a wonderful job putting it out.  Now it's June and freezing - crazy weather!  Jackie from The Back Shed in "the land down under" is just going into fall/winter.  I remember the beautiful spring pics she posted while we still had snow on the ground.   

Since I posted last, my daughter finished the wine bottle sun catcher I started.  I think it will end up on a bottle tree.  We've got a pink one started and an aqua bottle will follow that.

And I have been sewing for that garden craft show in July.  Still lots to do!  I know Patti at Primitive at Heart has been creating like a mad woman for a space at her local flea market and I've been dying to see what she's been doing!  (No pressure to post pics, Patti! LOL!)  She's a great inspiration for me.  

Thanks to my blog buddies for being such an inspiration and for making me feel "not alone" when I feel disconnected.  I'm still amazed at how the internet allows us to connect over the miles (thru summer and the same time!) and share our common interests and encouragement.  Hope I can catch up with what you've been doing soon!