Monday, July 30, 2012


A perfect Sunday evening.....cutting fabric on the porch.

Now...tell me the truth...

Does this couch make my butt look fat?

LOL, have a great week! ~*~Lisa

Friday, July 27, 2012


I need to thank Jackie from The Back Shed for helping me identify the mystery wildflower in my last post!
She guided me to Google a plant called Cinquefoil, where I found the type whose narrow leaves matched mine perfectly! It is the "Rough Fruited Cinquefoil" or Potentilla recta.  Thanks much Jackie!  If you don't know Jackie, she is a sweetheart and makes awesome prim dolls, quilts and other goodies you can see HERE

Onto the craft show!  I kept blogging about the big craft show on July 10th and didn't follow up! A couple blog friends asked how it was a great environment, but I didn't sell alot.  I shared a tent with a good friend who sold embroidered shirts and baby clothes and she did quite well!  Here's another picture of my wares:

I had some flag pillow tucks and so many people asked "what are pillow tucks?"  The best part of the day was that there were a couple of prim lovers who said "Oh, I love prims" as soon as they walked in. That was exciting for me-like finding an old friend. The one lady who was my big buyer of the day was a transplant from Ohio - she said "Ohio is full of primitives!"  LOL!  I told her "So I've heard!"

The craft show was held out in the country at a greenhouse farm called Pat's Posey Patch. This is the view I had to put up with all day:

Not bad! Those hanging plants on the old farm wagon were blown out at the end of the day 2 for $10-they went fast!

Thanks for visiting friends, we have some cooler weather here today, I hope you do too.


Thursday, July 26, 2012


Snapped this pic a looong while back hoping a blog buddy might know what it is.
It is wild and grows all over the yard.  The blooms have gone to seed by now.  The leaves of the plant look slightly illegal to me...from what I've seen in pictures and on tattoo's, LOL!
Does anyone know what this might be?  I love wildflowers and identifying them.  Thanks ahead of time if anyone knows and cares to share the answer!

Other than wandering around the yard and enjoying nature I've been having fun listing things in my etsy shop which I re-opened recently and just enjoying summer.  Part of that is going to some of the little "fests" that towns have.  Last week a friend and I and our kids drove to a town about an hour away for their "Alpinfest". There was a rockin' polka band, craft & food venders, street carnival and best of all, a FREE concert by Confederate Railroad.  Remember them?  Their hit songs were "I Like My Women Just A Little On the Trashy Side" (about a teen dating a local truck stop waitress-pretty mild compared to most of today's music) and "Jesus and Mom Will Always Love Me". They were great live. My friend's son had heard the song on their CD we played on the way over and asked at intermission: "Mom? When are they gonna play the dirty women song?"  LOL.  Yep. Sittin' with the kids at a free concert.  Couldn't help but think of my first concert: Quiet Riot.  Slightly different dynamic, I must say.

I hope you are all enjoying your summers also.  (And getting anxious for the best creating season of all! You know you are, admit it! LOL!)  


Monday, July 2, 2012


I know everyone is enjoying their summer and playing outside (hopefully)!

Have a July 10th craft show coming up and wanted to share some pics of works-in-progress.
Above are some kitties, a pear and apple and daisy flower.  Have about a million of each left to finish.  Went a leeeetle heavy on the stain.  I know most folks (around here especially) don't care for the really stained pieces, but I can't help myself, the older looking the better for me!  I know when you sell, you are supposed to create for the consumer, but I just can't create something that isn't in my heart.  It's more of a hobby for me anyway, at this point in life...I just need more space for more creations! LOL!

Sometimes I just sit and stare at the pile.  Very overwhelming!
 I saved the worst for last.  Moved my craft table out and started working off the floor (oh my aching back!).  Excuse the dirty carpet...wish I could blame the huge stain on the cat or kid or man, but while I was sitting up 2 am....I spilled a mason jar of black paint and coffee on the floor.  I did have foil under, but it went flying.

I referred to this back room as "the family room" when talking to my daughter this weekend.  She laughed and said, "Mom, face it, it's your CRAFT ROOM. Not a family room."  Point taken.

God Bless everyone on the 4th of July!  I wish you health and happiness, healing and lots of lemonade, watermelon, popsicles, strawberry shortcake, firework oooh's & ahhh's and JOY!