Thursday, July 26, 2012


Snapped this pic a looong while back hoping a blog buddy might know what it is.
It is wild and grows all over the yard.  The blooms have gone to seed by now.  The leaves of the plant look slightly illegal to me...from what I've seen in pictures and on tattoo's, LOL!
Does anyone know what this might be?  I love wildflowers and identifying them.  Thanks ahead of time if anyone knows and cares to share the answer!

Other than wandering around the yard and enjoying nature I've been having fun listing things in my etsy shop which I re-opened recently and just enjoying summer.  Part of that is going to some of the little "fests" that towns have.  Last week a friend and I and our kids drove to a town about an hour away for their "Alpinfest". There was a rockin' polka band, craft & food venders, street carnival and best of all, a FREE concert by Confederate Railroad.  Remember them?  Their hit songs were "I Like My Women Just A Little On the Trashy Side" (about a teen dating a local truck stop waitress-pretty mild compared to most of today's music) and "Jesus and Mom Will Always Love Me". They were great live. My friend's son had heard the song on their CD we played on the way over and asked at intermission: "Mom? When are they gonna play the dirty women song?"  LOL.  Yep. Sittin' with the kids at a free concert.  Couldn't help but think of my first concert: Quiet Riot.  Slightly different dynamic, I must say.

I hope you are all enjoying your summers also.  (And getting anxious for the best creating season of all! You know you are, admit it! LOL!)  



Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
Oh so funny. The dirty woman song.
My daughter loves that song..hehe
Sounds like your having a good fun summer.
I love the wildflower.
My first concert was Donny Osmand.shh! lol
Hugs & JOY

peggy said...

Just catching up Lisa, love your fabrics and posts I have missed. Tell us about your craft show.

Jackie Proctor said...

Hi Lisa, The song and band are unfamiliar to me but it sounds like you had a great time. Google common cinquefoil, I think that might be your flower. It looks really pretty in with the fern. x

TheCrankyCrow said...

Cool flower....glad Jackie figured it out...I never would have as I've never seen that before, nor heard of it either.....pretty, pretty, wildflower! And I LOVE "Jesus and Mom Will Always Love Me!" I'd forgotten they did that!! Now you're going to have me scramblin' through my old lp's (YES, I still have them) to see if I can find some Confederate Railroad! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And woo hoo! on the Etsy!! Gonna check it out!)