Friday, July 27, 2012


I need to thank Jackie from The Back Shed for helping me identify the mystery wildflower in my last post!
She guided me to Google a plant called Cinquefoil, where I found the type whose narrow leaves matched mine perfectly! It is the "Rough Fruited Cinquefoil" or Potentilla recta.  Thanks much Jackie!  If you don't know Jackie, she is a sweetheart and makes awesome prim dolls, quilts and other goodies you can see HERE

Onto the craft show!  I kept blogging about the big craft show on July 10th and didn't follow up! A couple blog friends asked how it was a great environment, but I didn't sell alot.  I shared a tent with a good friend who sold embroidered shirts and baby clothes and she did quite well!  Here's another picture of my wares:

I had some flag pillow tucks and so many people asked "what are pillow tucks?"  The best part of the day was that there were a couple of prim lovers who said "Oh, I love prims" as soon as they walked in. That was exciting for me-like finding an old friend. The one lady who was my big buyer of the day was a transplant from Ohio - she said "Ohio is full of primitives!"  LOL!  I told her "So I've heard!"

The craft show was held out in the country at a greenhouse farm called Pat's Posey Patch. This is the view I had to put up with all day:

Not bad! Those hanging plants on the old farm wagon were blown out at the end of the day 2 for $10-they went fast!

Thanks for visiting friends, we have some cooler weather here today, I hope you do too.



Angela said...

hi Lisa, you could have been talking about my town referring to the craft show. We do great in Sept only because people come from all around. If it were only local folks buying then my prims wouldn't sell either. It is funny to watch some come in the booth and talk about the items that are grunged up. Wow,,, some of the comments you can hear. Yes, Ohio is full of prims. We have vacationed there for the last 2 years in Sept. and I simply love it. Would love to live there. My mister would never survive the winters. He don't like really cold weather. I would LOVE it. Have a great weekend.

Jackie Proctor said...

Thank you for your very kind words Lisa and the links. Love your table of makings at the Craft Show and sorry you didn't sell a lot. Seems people just don't appreciate lovely prim goodness.


I would have loved to go to the craft show. Here in Florida, no one does prim except one show in October. Not many good shows around here, Ohio does seem the place to be for prim shopping. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a nice place to have a craft show. I love your table of goodies that you made. Here in my neck of the woods, even though it is Ohio I am still not seeing any prim stuff at festivals yet. Mostly country and farmhouse style antiques. Folks here go ape over anything antique and that drives the prices up. Wish I could have been at your show, I see alot of good things on your table I would be taking home.
Country at heart

TheCrankyCrow said...

How disappointing about the show.....I think your offerings look wonderful! And I adore that bench you have things displayed on. Many don't "get" prim around here either....seems like they're stuck in the 1980's "country" mode....or cabin/lodge-themed stuff. :o But that wagon load of flowers would have done me can't even buy flowers here anymore....and since the heat and drought has taken such a toll on the ones I did have, I'd be happy to take home some replacements at a steal of a price! Glad you solved your mystery....going to have to scoot down and see what I missed! Happy Weekend Sweetie! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

lilraggedyangie said...

Ahh craft shows can be unpredictable your space was lovely sorry it was lack luster sales :0( I have no clue where you would ever hear Ohio is full of prims lol Have a great weekend hugs lil raggedy angie

peggy said...

Lisa, you will sell more come fall so keep working. We don't have any shows here where you find any prims, mostly jewelry now and clothes and manufactured things. I really miss the shows from a few years ago. It will probably turn around, usually does. We had great rain and cooler weather now. Allen Park street fair is next weekend, last time we went the hit was zombie dolls. LOL

BumbleBeeLane said...

Our area understands what prims are but are cheap.They'd rather buy imports than handcrafted or real antiques.Love the coneflowers and of course the little beeskeps.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Trace4J said...

Oh what wonderful things you have.
Great job. Ive never done a craft show but I always here such mixed things.
Love all the pictures and the red barn. Awesome.

Prims By The Water said...

So sorry to hear about the show being bad for you, but gotta love that view. Take care, Janice