Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Can you see it?  Look real close...one of my favorite things in the whole world...an old abandoned farmhouse tucked back off the dirt road.  Can you see the kids climbing that big ancient tree in the front yard?  Can you see a woman picking apples from the trees in front?  In the upstairs window behind the big tree there is a tattered curtain colored robin's egg blue.  I wonder if that was her favorite color?

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately - I've been bad at communicating - I miss my blog buddies!  But the mornings here are getting cooler - FINALLY - and fall is fast on it's way.  The cooler weather reminds me of the summers I grew up with - where you can actually get outside and do something without the intense heat shutting you down.  Last weekend my husband and I went on a ride out in the country on a dirt road with the windows rolled down - the smell of the fields in August is a mixture of sweet and musty all at the same time.  Hard to explain - I love it.  The "weeds" on the side of the road are in full bloom - so beautiful!  We've got to grab summer while it's still here.

This is a picture of a plant that comes up every year at the end of the porch - it is a volunteer plant - planted itself.  I think it is a type of mint.  The blooms smell yucky but the leaves are minty.  See the morning sun peeking through the pines?  Sunlight and shadows - love it.

I hope you are enjoying cooler weather and the tail end of summer also.  Hope to catch up with you soon!



Jackie Proctor said...

I love the old abandoned houses too, they must have such wonderful stories to tell. We are slowly moving into Spring here, the days are still cold but we do have a spot of sunshine every now and then. Enjoy your cooler days. x

Angela said...

Hi Lisa, I am so ready for fall and cooler temps.here at the homeplace. Don't you just love to come upon an old adbandoned home ? What stories those wall could tell. Enjoy your cooler days and send a little my way, okay ? Have a great week

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wonderful post, Girlfriend....Nothing I love better than finding an old house or old barn hiding in some magical, forgotten, place. If you look real hard, you can see someone peeking out from behind that curtain. ;o) We, too, are getting our first tastes and smells of autumn....You're right....nothing like the smell of August fields. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin