Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Found this vintage postcard last week for 50 cents.  It is made of wood!  I didn't realize it was a postcard until after I flipped it over:

Once I seen the back, I knew I had to have it.  Apparently it is from a daddy to his little girl in New Jersey.   The year is 1952 as far as I can tell.  The stamp is 3 cents.  Postcard stamps now are up to 32 cents.  I wondered who Marty Jo Sheerin is and if she is still alive.  I wondered where her daddy was when he sent the postcard to her.  I imagined him picking it out and thinking she would like it.  Now I am getting all emotional...and it is partly because...

....this is the last Hostess Raspberry Zinger I will ever eat.

Yep.  Last one in the box.  As you know, the Hostess company is no more.  Bye bye Twinkees.  I don't eat healthy.  Little Debbie runs through my veins.

Speaking of sweets, my daughter's friend shared a couple of boxes of Cracker Jack's in these retro boxes.  She knew me well enough to save them for me, LOL.  They might look cool with an Americana Annie I'm ever gonna get around to THAT! LOL! Oh well...Anyone know the number to Hoarder's Anonymous? 



Jackie said...

I love that postcard with it's message and the stamp, very precious. Don't you just hate letting go of those things that you love, especially food, you will have to make a huge effort and find something to replace them. I'll email you the phone number of hoarders anonymous, I am a founding member. lol

TheRustyThimble said...

Lisa that postcard is sweet.
love the cracker jacks box

LOL on the zingers I use to eat those so glad I was not attached to anything since hostess closed their doors UGH!!



NickelNook said...

What a fun post, Lisa! Thanks for sharing!...Nancy :o)

BumbleBeeLane said...

I love finding those little snippets of memories too.Yes sit and daydream and wonder sometimes how people can let go of their memories...Hmmm don't worry sweetie we still have lil debbie,tastycake and Blessings!~Amy

Trace4J said...

WHat a awesome postcard.
I would of had to have it too.
I am so sad over hostess.
And cracker jacks. :)
Woolie Hugs

peggy said...

I was wondering what to do with my day after this cup of coffee. Going and looking for stuff like your postcard sounds like a good day to me. Let you know.

jennifer768 said...

What a cool postcard!Did you have to show a zinger? Now I am craving one.LOL! Hugs,Jen

Prims By The Water said...

Hello Lisa. My name is Janice and I am also a hoarder. LOL If you find that number would you share please. Am loving that postcard...when we get some in, I love reading them and get choked on some too. Take care.

Barb said...

Boy Lisa,
Your post brought back a load of memories.
Love the Cracker Jack box. Reminds me of my Grandpa who use to buy those for us as kids. We would get them after we fed the "gentlemen" his cows!
Thanks for the memories!
Enjoy your day,

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh man...I'm still sobbing over HoHo' you gotta bring up Zingers? I forgot I'm even gonna miss those.....Maybe I'll make a pan of Ho Ho bars "in memorium"??? Sweet little postcard - I find them irresistible too - and old photos....when I pass, nobody is going to know which photos are "real" relatives and which ones I just "adopted." Love that Cracker Jack box....Yeah, please share that number.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin