Wednesday, May 8, 2013

EEEK! What Is It?!

Late last the light of the moon...I sat in the glow of the lamplight  Ott-Light.

A creature was coming to life...stitch by stitch.

[insert:  insane craft-woman laughter here]

I will call it:  MOOSH-HEAD.

[insert: more insane craft-woman laughter here...just cuz it's fun]

Moosh is part fish, part moose.  It does not have extremities.  It is a head.  Thus: Moosh-Head.

I think I may finally be losing it.  The monsters are crawling out from underneath the bed in my head!

Hoping to visit you all soon - Have a creative day ~*~Lisa


TheRustyThimble said...

LOL I am loving it how sweet!!
don't you just love moments like that


Barb said...

So Fun and Creative Lisa!! Quite the personality!
Enjoy your day,

Jackie said...

How cute is that! I think we all need to lose it now and then. xx

NickelNook said...

hahaha!! I love the "insane craft-woman laughter"!! I believe I know just what that sounds like! lol Such a cute Moosh-Head!...Nancy :o)

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Lisa, you are too funny, moosh head is very inventive! Deb