Monday, June 3, 2013

Lilacs & Rock

Growing up and even now during this time of year you could have and might still find me with my face planted in a lilac bush, inhaling deeply.  

There was a lilac planted outside of my bedroom window growing up and so I planted the one above outside of my daughter's window.  The butterflies and hummingbirds and fuzzy bumble's love it....they don't seem to mind me standing right there with them reaping the bounty.  I love lilac bouquet's dripping out of an old mason jar or white pitcher.  The blooms fade too fast, sure wish they lasted all year long!

This is "Rock".  He is an adult pebble.  Still have to stitch his eyelids on.  (He prefers to to wear a mustache and enjoys easy-listening music.)

Have a few more monsters & odd-folk waiting to be stitched up in my laboratory sewing room: 

◘  "LAVArne", who jumps from couch to chair to avoid the lava on the living room floor;

◘  "Victoria" the attic bunny, who just enjoys jumping on the furniture when no one is home (which is always because she lives in an old abandoned house);

◘  The Fuzzy Glove Monster (when one of the socks disappears, do we ever suspect that the Glove did it?);

◘  and "Steve", the groovy lava-blob (he likes to collect old lava lamps and listens to music that sounds like rainbows).

Still loving my primitives too - please don't leave me!  Just needed a little creative break to exercise some monsters...get them out of my head!

Have a blessed week♥♥♥
 ~*~ Lisa


Primitive Stars said...

Love those Lilacs, can almost smell them.....Your very creative, that's a great thing, Francine.

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Lisa, love your beautiful Lilac's, I rem. walking past a neighbors house and smelling them when I was a kid walking home from school, I have always loved them.
Your monster is cute! hugs, Lecia

Jackie said...

You definitely don't need monsters in your head, get them out for all the world to see. I love lilac too. I have childhood memories of the lilac in our yard and have planted one in my garden. Happy sewing xx

Trace4J said...

Love your imagination.
And your monsters. :)
You sure are fun.
I love love love lilacs.
I too planted a tree outside my bedroom window.
Woolie hugs and polka dots :)

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Awwww..the sweet smellof Lilac's. Our mini Lilac bushes this year were so covered with blooms that you could smell them all the way to my trailer...I was loving that smell drifting in my windows & when I waled by i had to bend down to bury my face in tht intoxicating scent... Love it! they are gone but I can still smell a faint scent of them when i close my eyes...

Have a great day!

Prims By The Water said...

I sure do miss my lilacs...every color under the sun at my old house..including yellow and your monster rock. I have been in a funk with patterns drawn, cut and nothin. We all need to revitalize at one time or another. Have a great week Lisa. Janice

Raymond Homestead said...

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers! Cute "Rock!"