Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Takin Time Every Day

Trying to take a little time every day to get out in the yard, get some fresh air and enjoy the little things.  My mom's neighbor shared the flowers above with me from her garden.

One year my husband and I started a hunt for old cast iron wood stoves at sales and over the years ended up with 3 or 4.  He painted this one and hauled it on the porch for me this summer. It's a heavy bugger.  I wonder where it has lived throughout its life?

In the evening my daughter and I will walk around the yard barefoot and feast on the berries growing at the edge of the woods.  The birds give us dirty looks.  They taste so sweet and warm after being in the sun all day.  

Have to get ready for work. Hope you can take a little time today and find something that brings simple joy to your heart!  Thanks to all my buddies who commented on my anniversary post - you made my heart smile on a special day♥♥♥

(still sewing away at night by the light of the moon...hope to have some pics to share soon!)



Primitive Stars said...

Morning Lisa, love the Coneflowers, so pretty and do like the stove...we also have collected a few stoves at yard sales, can't leave them at that price they were...Yummy barefoot berries,Summer Blessings Francine.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful coneflowers ~ one of my favorites!
Love the stove on the porch ~ adds that special touch.
Oh YUM ~ nothing like fresh picked berries ~ enjoy!
Would love to see what your working on.
Prim Blessings

Primitive at Heart said...

I just love everything. Your coneflowers are beautiful. What your hubby did to the wood stove looks great and the potted plant just makes it perfect. Isnt summer such a great time of year to enjoy the little things in life!


Barb said...

Fabulous photos and a great reminder for enjoying the simple things.
A late Happy Anniversary to you too!!
Enjoy your day,

Firecracker Kid said...

Good for you Lisa! We need our Vitamin D. Besides, it's wonderful to take in God's beautiful gifts of nature.