Monday, September 30, 2013


 That little round shadow in the middle of the picture is a porcupine.  My daughter noticed him waddling around on our way home yesterday in broad daylight, which is unusual.  He was feasting on a fall banquet of juicy apples - you should have heard him slurping.  I wish I could have gotten a clearer picture - pretty cool.  

My planter is loving the fall sun.  Going to miss this color once the leaves drop and the snow flies.  So gray and dreary.  Wish fall could last all winter!

Enjoy this fall day blog buddies ~*~Lisa


Raymond Homestead said...

Pretty planter! I don't think I have ever seen a porcupine up close before.

Jessica said...

That is so neat to see a porcupine. I have never seen one in the wild. Your planter is lovely.

Trace4J said...

How cool is that.
I've never seen one before either.
Beautiful flowers too.
Woolie Fall Blessings

Jackie said...

Scruffy little things aren't they? Very cute though. Love your planter, very pretty. xx

Prims By The Water said...

I have never seen a cool! Wish Fall would last a bit sleeping with the windows open. Have a great week Lisa, Janice

Earlene Landis said...

slurrping porcupine...that's funny!!!

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh yes, porcupines are so cute. Good the little guy or gal for getting some yummy for it's tummy.
I wish Fall could last all year, but we gotta have the cycle. Just like us getting older... blah :(
Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers... beautiful!