Friday, November 29, 2013

CRAFT SHOW REPORT: The Good, The Bad & The Primitive

Let's start with "The Bad":  The back room where I craft has been a bad mess for too long getting ready for the show.  No walking space.

Tried to get a decent picture of the whole 5x16 ft booth with my phone but it was hard.  I had a table, the old shutter door shelving and a couple vintage pedestal stands.

A pic of the table. People kept trying to buy the red & white chamber pot on the right so I had to take it off.  It was just used to prop things up.

I had a snowman on a vintage bobbin with a jingle bell on its collar/ pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard♥.  I cannot tell you how many people came up and started shaking the "snow" out of it! I mean everyone likes a good jingle bell ring every now and then but....  One lady asked if it was a rattle.  Her friend said yes, it was.  She said she should buy it for baby X.  I told her it was was NOT a rattle and it was NOT safe for a baby. And then I put it back in the box, LOL!  I was scared she would buy it and give it to a baby for crying out loud.  

Which brings me to "The Primitive" 
not a rattle (ha ha!)

For every person who didn't understand the primitive, there was someone who loved it.  And connecting with those folks made my day! Lot's of GOOD!

Just a pic to show you the shutter set up.  Didn't have a whole lot left on the shelves.
Except for the gingerbread couple - someone asked if they were voodoo dolls.

But the real kicker was my black snowman heads.  Just about everyone thought they were rocks.  Some simply pondered, others picked up and squeezed.  At one point I wanted to say:  "Yes it's a rock, now let me tell you how I sewed the eyes on..." (LOL!)

I have a few other pics and could tell you what seemed to sell and what didn't, but don't know if that would be helpful for anyone.  They announced over the loud speaker that 2,215 people paid an entry fee and that didn't include the kids.  People still love a good craft show! YAY!

Hope you all were able to enjoy Turkey and rest and survived Black Friday if you dared to venture out!



Raymond Homestead said...

Baby rattles, rocks, and voodoo dolls, too funny! lol

Nancy said...

Wow!! I LOVE your fabulous prim goodies! The bobbin snowman is my favorite. I understand the chamber pot issue. I always had a red and white antique quilt over my table...everybody wanted to buy it! lol I'd love to know what sold and what didn't sell. It's so different in every location! Thanks for sharing this! :o)

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my Lisa, aren't people funny, glad you did sell your goodies. I love the snowman heads but I loves me primitives, Hugs Francine.

Laura Rhodes said...

Lisa, I love when people share their craft show experiences! It's so nice to be able to empathize. And your comments were so funny! Thanks for the smile, I needed that!! I bet you had a good laugh. Anyway...those shows are like pigs in pokes. You never know what will happen and who will show up, what will sell and what won't. So thanks so much for visiting my blog and hope you have a blessed weekend and holiday season! Hugs, Laura R.

Jackie said...

Patience is always the first thing you should pack for a craft show I think. I thought that the lack of understanding of primitive craft only happened in Australia. I used to get tight smiles and Mmmm interesting but I wouldn't want it in my house!! Glad you did OK and it all looks wonderful. xx

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Lisa, you certainly had an adventure, can you believe some people, I love prims but I have heard many weird comments about them, but we appreciate them and are a special breed. Hugs, Lecia

peggy said...

I think your set-up looks great. We could write a book about craft show comments. More than once I got a "what is that?". Also wouldn't want to say how many times we said "Who are these people". But all of that is worth it when the ones who appreciate your hard work come by.

Trace4J said...

You truly always make me chuckle.
I do love those black snow fella rocks..hehe
I'm wobbling after turkey day.
Woolie hugs to ya

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

LOL Lisa, sounds like you had quite the crowd at your sale! How anyone would think that your snowman was a rattle for a baby is beyond me?! Hope you had much success, now take some time and relax! Deb