Monday, November 25, 2013


When it's cold and the days are dim, something inside us says: "Find a blankie and curl up by the fire.  It's nap time (again)".   I told my husband it's the hibernation instinct in all of us.  The animals have it right.  Store up the fat, dig a deep hole (in the ground or in blankies) and basically nap until we see the light of spring.  

Hope you stay warm this week and are able to take time for cat-napping by the fire or with a warm blanket.  It's like our way of saying "come at me, 'bro" to old man winter.

~*~ Lisa


jennifer768 said...

I am all for hibernating!LOL! Have a wonderful week.Hugs,Jen

Barb said...

Hi Lisa,
I so agree about hibernation, forever wanting a nap and blankie!
Love all your creations for your craft show too! Hope you did well!
Enjoy your day,

Nancy said...

Oh, yes!! I am so with you on this idea, Lisa. In fact...I tend to hibernate all year 'round! :o)

A Primitive Homestead said...

This is such a wonderful pic of your fur baby cuddled up by the fire. My fur baby has a cradle in front of our fireplace to cuddle up. Hibernating sounds good to me. Time to rest the body and mind to start a new.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Lisa, oh I hear ya, blankets are close by, time to feather our nest and keep cozy.....Love the Kitty, I had one that color long ago, my favorite Kitty......Happy Thanksgiving, Francine.

Jackie said...

And we are coming out of hibernation. preparing the pool and looking for a shady spot in the garden. Stay warm. x