Monday, December 16, 2013


Well....I bought butter.  Real butter.  I stood in front of the dairy freezer bunker at the store and stared at the plethora of bricks and tubs and noticed a gentleman with baking goods in his basket grab a brick of unsalted BUTTER.  And I noticed that there were only a few left compared to the many other choices.  Determined that meant many people were using this BUTTER to do their holiday baking with.  Two dollars and ninety-eight cents, baby.  Here me now, ask me later.

Going to TRY those no bake cookies again tonight. Will let you know how that goes.

On a more meaningful subject, I did a Google search today:  "How to see Christmas through the eyes of a child".  And found this brief article by Lorna Byrnes that was published in the Huffington Post last December.  Here is a link if you would like to read:

It talks about the ability to see things with innocence. It also talks about the author seeing angels drop big balls of light into homes ... well hey now ... many things we experience in life as adults that most children have yet to encounter tend to cloud our sight, or the way in which we look at things.  

If we could take away the money worries, the relationship worries, the image worries, health concerns...all the nasty stuff on the news...the work stress...if we could wipe all of that out it would create a lot of room in us. Because all of that stuff takes up a lot more space in us than we might realize or care to admit, doesn't it?  We could use that extra room inside our hearts and minds to.......get excited about winter break from school....building snowmen...and maybe getting that special gift you asked Santa for. You know, that kind of excitement like you were a little kid again. It would leave room to be happy about wearing cardboard wings and tinsel halo's and telling the story of Jesus' birth like the children did last night at our Christmas Pageant (and eating a year's worth of cookies in the basement afterward).  How long has it been since something simple seemed almost magical to you? I mean REALLY MAGICAL AND EXCITING? Now, I'm not talking about witnessing it in a child you know...that is definitely special, of course, but how long has it been since you experienced it yourself?

 I want that innocent excitement back
and I want it now.

I think I can feel it.  Down deep inside, way below all of the years of yucky adult stuff that piles up simply by default as we age. Sputtering and sparking...trying to stay alive...yelling at me "don't go numb!"

So here's my plan for the next 10 or so days that lead up to "The Big Day".

Try to make no bake cookies with butter (gonna TRY Jackie!)

Try to find the innocence in me and try to see the innocence in others. 
And then look at life through those eyes.  (Gonna TRY!)

Thanks for pondering butter and innocence with me♥



Nancy said...

I'd say you're really onto something, Lisa! Both with finding the innocence, and with the butter! lol Can't wait to hear how those cookies turn out...and can't wait to hear how the attitude adjustment works! Thank you! :o)

Prims By The Water said...

My mom makes a no bake chocolate cookie that is pretty good...tonight I was getting my stove dirty making homemade fudge. Oh to be a child Mikayla says what she thinks all of the time. Good luck with the cookies. We ended up with 7 inches of snow and suppose to get another 3 overnight. Janice ps..loved your post title.

Jackie said...

The wonder is there you just have to let it out. Watch dragonflies and butterflies....find a bee with blue stripes in your garden (I did the other day) and watch animated films by Studio Ghibli ....the wonder will come back. Do you think the cookies will be around long enough to take a photo?

The Moonlit Stitch said...

That would be Christmas "2013"! ~*~Lisa

The Moonlit Stitch said...

...not "2014"...LOL