Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Goodbye carnival magic

Goodbye hummers - good luck with your trip south

Goodbye rolling thunderstorms

Goodbye butterflies

Goodbye Daddy Squirrel - have a good winter's rest

Goodbye cannonballs in the pool

Goodbye cicadas - I'll miss your summer song

The changing of seasons is always bittersweet for me.  I hate to see summer end. But fall is a favorite season for many of us and I look forward to it!


Friday, August 23, 2013


 The picture is grainy, I took it with my phone.  Almost missed it driving by last spring.
Can you see it?
The old farmhouse way out in the middle of a cornfield.  Blending in with the trees, minding it's own business.  Not conforming to today's style or standards.  Stuck in time.
It looks like a bay window on the end...I wonder if the lady of the house put her plants there.  I don't know if I will ever understand the draw these old places have always had on me.  Even as a teenager I would drive around the old country back roads taking pictures of barns and abandoned houses like this one.  

This is the barn next to the house.  Pretty big.  So silent now but I bet there was a lot of hustle & bustle back in the day.  Maybe it is still used for storage as the fields are obviously worked.  

Is it the essence of simpler times or the ideal of hard, honest work and family members working side by side that draws me?  Or maybe it is just the mystery of the past.  

Because I love a good mystery.

Keep an eye open next time you are out for a country drive.  Sometimes these old homesteads are hidden well.  Content to set as they are, letting the world move on ahead.


Thursday, August 22, 2013


I made the brown pin cushion a few years ago.  It doesn't just hold pins but is a catch-all for buttons, very small pattern pieces, floss for stitching and sometimes my earrings and rings, LOL.  The brown cushion gets so full I use the pink knitted cushion my daughter made. Believe it or not, there have been times when I have run out of pins and both were bare. They are always close by when I am creating♥

Finished up a few stars that I had cut out for the "4th of July" ...ahem... better late then never, right? Primmed up a couple of mason jars that will eventually hold greens, berries and maybe some cinnamon sticks and candy canes with a muslin ribbon.

Have 3 different ginger patterns I'm trying. The ginger guy in the pic looks so simple, but he was painted, sanded, painted, stained, grubbied, brushed, he is high maintenance! And now he is demanding a scarf (all the rage for gingers this season, you know - hee hee). Have a pattern that calls for spindles too. Never used them before but found some in a local antique store so going to give it a whirl.

Lots more in the works. Hope I can have some completed pics for you soon!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Takin Time Every Day

Trying to take a little time every day to get out in the yard, get some fresh air and enjoy the little things.  My mom's neighbor shared the flowers above with me from her garden.

One year my husband and I started a hunt for old cast iron wood stoves at sales and over the years ended up with 3 or 4.  He painted this one and hauled it on the porch for me this summer. It's a heavy bugger.  I wonder where it has lived throughout its life?

In the evening my daughter and I will walk around the yard barefoot and feast on the berries growing at the edge of the woods.  The birds give us dirty looks.  They taste so sweet and warm after being in the sun all day.  

Have to get ready for work. Hope you can take a little time today and find something that brings simple joy to your heart!  Thanks to all my buddies who commented on my anniversary post - you made my heart smile on a special day♥♥♥

(still sewing away at night by the light of the moon...hope to have some pics to share soon!)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today is my 25th wedding anniversary!
(I'm the one on the right) Just two months after my 20th birthday.
Time is going by waaaaay too fast!
Hope to do another 25, plowing through life together on the Crazy Train!

~♥~ Lisa

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Needed to clear my mind tonight so headed out back.  Was surprised to see the ferns already turning brown-a sign fall is not far away.  Then I noticed the maple above - NO!  It's too soon for this.

Lots of toad stools

This is a pic of one of the largest trees on the property (ignore my ghostly white foot - I don't tan!) The picture doesn't show how big it is, but I cannot wrap my arms around it. Love big old trees...

As I walked I could hear the acorns dropping through the leaves here & there.  Guess it's time to figure out whether to use pine or oak for my broom this year.  

Off to sew & stuff - Keep On Creating!


Saturday, August 17, 2013


Took a walk around the yard this morning and found this little guy in the rock garden.  Awwww.

A few minutes later I ran into THIS MONSTER in the back yard! Look at it! What a beast! 
For a minute I thought I may have woke up in the Land of Nod where Cranky Crow Robin seems to be cursed by these slithering demons.  To be honest, big momma was minding her own business and only stopped long enough for me to click a pic and then moved on her way.

Been getting a lot of wynter prims done only because I have been staying off the computer.  Bittersweet.  Had a chance to cruise blogland briefly last night...loving the fall goodies popping up everywhere!   

Hope your weekend is snake-free with good weather and good times!

~♥~ Lisa