Monday, September 30, 2013


 That little round shadow in the middle of the picture is a porcupine.  My daughter noticed him waddling around on our way home yesterday in broad daylight, which is unusual.  He was feasting on a fall banquet of juicy apples - you should have heard him slurping.  I wish I could have gotten a clearer picture - pretty cool.  

My planter is loving the fall sun.  Going to miss this color once the leaves drop and the snow flies.  So gray and dreary.  Wish fall could last all winter!

Enjoy this fall day blog buddies ~*~Lisa

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I've been wanting to plant some sweet annie for a while now and never get around to ordering the seeds.  Made some prim stars with little "pockets" sewn on the front and wanted to stick a small bunch of drieds in there. So I wandered around the yard the other night and snipped off some things from my rock garden and some wild mint, yarrow and what I think might be wild oregano? Boy did that bouquet smell good!

The fuzzy bumbles seemed to be "sleeping" on the wild mint - five or six of them.  It was in the evening and getting chilly.  I picked around them :)

Ended up hanging little bunches to dry.  Just taped some of them to the shelf.  I don't have much time or focus to do things the Martha Stewart way so I just did it my way and we shall see what happens.

Am hoping to plant some good smelling herbs next year along with sweet annie. Seen some raised gardens made out of pallets on Pinterest last week - that would be cool.

Happy Autumn blog buddies - hope the coming week is good to you♥


Monday, September 16, 2013


Had some WIP pictures of these guys neked and in the coffee bath and oven sauna but couldn't upload the pictures.  Finally getting some things finished.  Slow but sure.

Happy Monday everyone, hope your week is good to you ~*~Lisa

Thursday, September 12, 2013


"There is nothing wrong or unnatural with feeling weary, but there is everything wrong with abandoning ship in the midst of the fight."

I don't know who this is meant for, but something inside of me told me to post it.  If it's for you, it will be alright-keep on keeping on♥