Thursday, October 24, 2013


Been a while since I've been online and blogged.
Some days I've been flying without incident above the rooftops and others I'm falling fast, crashing through the trees.   Lately I don't have much of a flight plan.  Which is fine.

Made the above label for potion bottles.  Feel free to use it for your own wicked fun.
Just clean an old jar or wine bottle (make sure the inside is dry), scrape off the label and paste this one on.  Cover the opening with a piece of stained muslin or cheese cloth and secure by wrapping twine around the neck of the jar or bottle.  Depending on how much effort you want to put into it, painting the inside of the jar/bottle (black spray paint works good) gives it a neat look or you could drop some dried moss and plastic spiders in...or something to resemble dried witch warts...or you can just pretend they were all used and you need to acquire more.....I will stop at that.

Haven't done much fall crafting...still working on the winter stuff.  Feeling craft show burnout already.  Soooo much work and time goes into it.  The booth set-up has been driving me crazy lately.  I've got a 5" x 16" space to fill, which is twice the size I'm used to in length.

We had a pretty, fluffy snow the other day.  But the leaves haven't fallen off the trees totally so it doesn't count. 

Well, just wanted to do a quick fly-by.  Hope to catch up with my blog buddies soon!


Friday, October 4, 2013


Do you ever walk in the woods?  I do, as much as I can.  I've always loved the woods. Sometimes when I am out there...I feel like someone is watching me.  Do you ever get "that feeling"?  Little eyes watching from places I don't see.  And sometimes I even hear a little scampering of feet.  If you are one who believes in fairies...or magical little beings...maybe you can picture one running to hide under this cool toadstool.

Sometimes I come upon the perfect little home for some type of furry creature...I gingerly peek in hoping I won't see two eyes gleaming back at me.  If you look close enough, there are little homes everywhere in the woods.  Most are hidden well.  I believe the majority of residents sleep through the day and emerge at night.  

Speaking of "gingerly"...I am making slight progress in Christmas crafts:
Dipped some orange slices and salt dough stars in wax and primmed up some gingers that are not finished.  The larger pattern is by Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives and the smaller ginger pattern is by Jenifer Gaston of The Woolen Willow.  Have some rusty bells and homespun scarves waiting for them.

TGIF blog buddies - hope you are enjoying the fall and all the good that comes with it.