Monday, December 29, 2014


My friend Peggy over at A Primitive Plot suggested I try this pattern from The Olde Country Cupboard a while back.  After the designer, Sandy, passed away, I didn't have the heart to finish him up, but finally did last night.  I know Peggy has made some of these up and they are so cute, I love all of her creations.  Going to try and make another in lighter colors before moving on to bunny-bunnies.

I've also been trying to work on some non-primitive dolls and finished a couple up recently.  If you would like to check them out you can visit my "Stuffing & Stitches" blog by clicking the link at the top of the left hand sidebar.  I'm hoping to try and sell these at a craft show this July.  I've never done anything but primitives so I'm a bit nervous but hoping for some sales and more-so some happy little hearts.
Hope you are doing something you enjoy today - planning your spring garden, decorating (or de-decorating? Bah-Humbug!) Or sewing - like me!  Thanks for visiting friends!


Friday, December 26, 2014

Still here blog buddies!  Missed You♥
Hopefully getting back on track here soon.
I hope your holiday time was blessed and
through it all you "kept on truckin'".
That's what I'm goin' with.

See you on the journey ~ Love Lisa

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald


My father, uncles and husband sailed the Great Lakes on these iron ore freighters. It's not an easy life, but after a while, the lakes become part of who you are.
This song is close to my heart.  God bless the memories of the men who sailed on the Fitzgerald and their families.

(you may have to pause the blog music on the wikiplayer at the top of the page to hear the video clip audio)

Saturday, November 1, 2014


This was our pumpkin this year.  Carved him on Halloween night - we don't do much anymore since my girl is growing - I didn't even decorate much or finish my prims I had traced to sew.  And Halloween used to be one of my faves.  Even things have changed in town - they have a downtown trick or treat now followed by a trunk or treat.  The people don't decorate their houses like they used to for the kids because they don't come for candy.  Mr. Pumpkin gave up not many seeds but just enough for a yummy roasted treat!  Thanks Mr. Pumpkin!

This is what the Witch of November blew in early on Halloween morning.  I realize she was trying to get the leaves off of the trees but geesh, she didn't have to bring snow.

I didn't take any pretty fall pictures this year to share - seems like it rained every day.  Did manage to sneak out back and sit a while in the woods a few weeks ago - I don't like to go back during hunting season and then it's winter.

This is the one tree the Witch has been having problems with.  Neither wind nor rain will make the old maple at my mom's shed it's leaves.  It hangs on to them 'till the bitter end.  And I do mean BITTER because I am picking up leaves in the snow!  Which is my plan today.  My Dad & Mom always kept their yard picked up and now that Dad's gone and Mom can't any longer I try to keep it up for them.  

pattern by Chestnut Junction
I did manage to play around with some applique.  Just used a simple zig zag but my machine was throwing stitches - it's old but faithful.  Not sure why it's happening but it ruins the piece.

Pattern by Chestnut Junction

Need to finish this one up yet - I'll keep on practicing.  So many things I want to make!

Hope you are enjoying some creative time where you are this weekend - thanks for visiting!


Thursday, October 30, 2014


Wishing all of my blog buddies a merry Halloween!

~*~ Lisa (the 'other' Sanderson Sister)

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Like a great vacation
You don't want to end,
Or a too-short visit
from a long-lost friend...

Indian Summer 
Gone too soon
Cherishing the hours
From Sun until Moon

Snow white toad stools
Glow in the sun
A hint from Nature
That summer is done

Amber sunlight 
And clear blue skies
Hoping it will last
But how fast it flies

Acorns dropping
Through the trees
Chiming against 
The wild oak leaves

Bumblebees that never
Return to the hive
Fall asleep forever
But the Queen will survive...

...The long cold winter
Asleep in the ground
Until Spring awakes
To New Life found.

Changing of the seasons - so bittersweet! Loving the beautiful fall we are having.  Holy cats, the week has been warmer than most of our summer.  I have been busy with my daughter's volleyball, nursing migraines & headcolds, keeping Mom happy & healthy and changes at work.  Sadly no time or energy for creating.  But the fire still burns!  LOL!  Snapped the first pic above while we were flying down the highway to a volleyball tournament and my phone is so old & slow it didn't catch the colorful woods I wanted to but when I looked closer, it caught a little cabin tucked away that I didn't even notice.  The toadstool was so bright this morning in the sun, I had to run out in my pj's & snap a pic and on the way back noticed the Bumbles sleeping on the coneflower in the butterfly garden. All the while acorns dropping like crazy everywhere. Isn't it cool how there's a little pile of dirt still on the toadstool from pushing up out of the ground? Feel like a little kid in a candy store sometimes when I'm outside - love nature!  Hope to catch up with you all soon and hoping you are soaking up the beautiful fall!  Love it!


Saturday, September 6, 2014


some treasures from Holly

Made the trip downstate to the 'Harvest at the Mill' antiques & primitives show in Holly Michigan.  
Made a stop at the original 'mill' which houses Holly Hills Primitives - wow, they sure had some great pieces! Here is a link to their blog:

I was so happy to meet some fellow bloggers at the show - I have to tell you, these folks are some of the nicest people I've ever met.  Janice & Bob from Back Porch Primitives had some great antiques and some of Janice's wonderful primitive handmades.
Janice's blog:
Janice & Bob's store on facebook:
Sweet Janice, her husband Bob and a lil yelloware bowl and pumpkin boy that had to come home with me!

Made my way over to Marie's booth, a.k.a. "Old Lady Morgan" and scored one of her OOAK jacks complete with signature!  Marie's husband was right by her side helping out - what nice folks!
Marie, my OLM jack and a cute lil stitchery pillow tuck from another vendor that goes so well with it and Marie and another chick I don't know (tee hee)

Check out Old Lady Morgan's blog here if you don't already follow her:

Right across the way was Earlene from Primitive Passion Decorating.  She is the Queen of primitive decor, you can check out her blog and all of her wonderful decorating and gardens here:

The lovely Earlene standing among her wares (including a black corner cupboard that would have gotten me in trouble if it came home with me like I wanted) and an awesome old glass jar the did come home with me along with the Halloween sign in the top pic.

There were so many other wonderful prim bloggers/vendors/artists at the show.  If you get the opportunity next year (spring or fall) I'm sure you would enjoy it as much as I did.  I'm so happy to have been able to meet some of my dear blog buddies!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This is Gloria.  She is a witchie-poo bunny.
All of the other bunny girls whisper about her.
Gloria is a rebel.  While the other bunnies are hanging out in the carrot patch, she is having fun in the pumpkin patch.  She is tired of those who assume she likes to paint eggs in pretty pastels at Easter time.  She would much rather hang out with the black cat posse.  

Her dress kinda hides the fact that her head is tilted so her smile looks crooked...what's up with those crooked smiles!?  But I like Gloria.  She's a fun bunny gal.  She just signed up for broom-rider training.  That makes me a bit nervous...

Thanks for enjoying some fall fun with me!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Worked on and off on this little one yesterday...any guess on what it will turn out to be?
I can tell you that it's a "she" and she's a Rebel!
She's breaking down barriers for others of her kind who want to explore and boldly HOP where few have HOPPED before.

Hee Hee!
Was able to tote my machine outside to sew the porch for a while.  I knew my husband was going to turn on the AC unit and while I'm thankful we have a window-shaker, if it was just me I wouldn't use it.  Don't like fans and the ice cold air and the noise.  Try to sew outside at least once in the summer every year.  Enjoy the best of both worlds!  About an hour after I took the pic above a thunderstorm blew through and it poured.  The birds were sure singing happy.

Thanks for stopping by buddies - hope to reveal the identity of 'mystery doll' this week!


Sunday, August 31, 2014


Happy Labor Day!

I love long weekends - I hope you have the day off and are enjoying your time!
The weather here has been typical of summer changing into fall.  Cool, then rain, then hot, then muggy, then sunny.  Signs of fall are everywhere.  My mom wasn't feeling well at all the other night so I spent the night.  The next day her neighbor brought her these sunflowers from the farmer's market down the road.  She is feeling much better now.

I'm hoping tomorrow I can get some sewing done.  I did get a chance to finish up a hippo doll I drew up a pattern for.  It's not primitive so I'm posting it on my softie blog.  If you want to take peek, click HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!  ~*~Lisa

Saturday, August 30, 2014


In one week on Sept 6th a great primitive and antique show will take place in Holly Michigan called "Harvest at the Mill".  You can learn more about it here:

There will be some great vendors there including some bloggers.  I am hoping to be able to attend and meet some!  It's a 3.5 hour drive for me each way and the older I get, the more I like to stay put.  I drove a UHaul pulling a car trailer straight through from LasVegas NV to Michigan when I was 24 (took a lot of truck stop coffee).  Looking back I can't believe I did that.

Another great brick & mortar shop in Holly is Holly Hills Primitives which I will definitely check out if I make it.  

So, if you'r'e "Heading to Holly" I just might see you there!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Blog Buddies!


Monday, August 25, 2014


Finished up a doll from a great Dusty Cupboard Prims pattern by Jean Barker.  This is the 2nd doll I've made from this pattern.  She turned out a bit more grunged than the first, but that's a bonus because that "grunge" makes her smell all the more delicious!

It was a nice day so she wanted to sit out in the sun...

Then she noticed the flowers and wanted to be by them...

In the end...I'm a crazy woman walking around my front yard with a doll.

But it's a great doll.  You can visit Jean's etsy shop here for more great patterns:

Have a blessed week friends - thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Finished up a doll from a pattern by Chestnut Junction

Took the day off today - have to get the crown on my root-canal replaced.  It broke.  Good fun.
Have a few more dolls to finish up, hope to post more soon!  Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a blessed day♥


Monday, August 18, 2014


Finished a raggedy tonight. This was made with a pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard.  

I really like her striped legs. 

Stripey dolly legs make me happy.

Which is good, I need happy.  Spent a good part of the afternoon with my husband laying a new drainfield as the old one failed...found out we have a huge bee nest in our attic too.  I will do septic drainfileds but I don't do bee nests.  Billy the Exterminator...where are you?

Hope to finish another doll soon♥
Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Say hello to "Chippy"!

He (she?) has a den in our front yard.  He's been there a couple years.  He doesn't have a family.  This summer he finally decided he wanted to meet us and came right up on the porch while I was holding our cat.  Bad timing.  I told Chippy "this cat is not your friend, she will kill you and play with your dead body".  Then I put the cat inside and fed the chipmunk birdseed.  I know what some of you are thinking...we have friends who shoot these little buggers...they can be destructive.  But there's something about this little one.  Sometimes he will just sit and watch my husband work on his bike a foot or two away.  Every morning he sits on the arm of the chair on the porch and chirps for my daughter to come pet him.  She has claimed the Chippy as hers as I already have the Momma Squirrel on the back porch, who now comes up to the window and peers in if I don't see her waiting in the yard for her bread.  Luckily she has sent her young one's off so it is just her again.  This happens every year.  We are the rodent whisperers.

Summer Blessings ~*~Lisa

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This is not "Whoopsie-Doodle"...that's something I did.  No, this is "Cora the Cat", a pattern by Chestnut Junction.  

(When I was a girl I had a friend whose middle name was Cora, named after her grandmother.  She disliked the name and swore me to secrecy, promising to do me great bodily harm if I ever told).

Whoopsie-Doodle is a nice way of saying something else after you discover you made a mistake...or two.  Sitting on my porch this evening, excited to finish up Cora, when I notice her feet/paws are pointing out and the pattern shows they should be pointing in.  "Well...son-of-a-WHOOPSIE-DOODLE."  Then I notice the seam down the middle of her skirt...why is there a seam down the front of her skirt?  I asked myself... and myself replied... Ahhh.  That would be because that is actually the BACK of her skirt.  I sewed Cora's face on the wrong side of her head.  But her thumbs...or "dewclaws"...because cats don't have thumbs...or else they would overtake us all and gain rule of the planet...are pointing the right way.  So I must have sewn her dress on backwards?  Mother Whoopsie-Doodle.  But it's okay.  I'm calling it a finish.  My brain is so scattered lately I have to take what I can get! LOL!

~*~ Lisa

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I held a blowtorch for the first time today.  I must say...I liked it.

My husband bought me the two deck chairs above for my bday at least a decade ago.  They are in great shape and I love them, except they are very faded from the weather.  I've tried painting plastic outdoor furniture with that special plastic-furniture-paint, and it works great, but it takes a lot of paint and can be expensive.  I think I seen this idea on Pinterest.  

The chair on the right was the exact color as the chair on the left before I took a blowtorch to it.  You paint it with the flame just like you were spray painting and it melts the plastic just enough to breathe a little bit of color back into it.  Not sure how long it will last, and you can see the flame strokes in areas, but it's a little better than it was.  

If you try this, keep in mind all of the safety precautions when dealing with gas, fire, toxic fumes, yadda-yadda-yadda.  I did not torch the chair in the dry grass but instead on the cement in the garage with the door open and away from any flamables.

Yay.  Blowtorch fun.

~*~ Lisa

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Yesterday we took a ride to check out a moto-cross track my husband was interested in.  Took us about 40 minutes to get there via country highway, dirt road, and finally 2-track.  So I was in heaven.  It was in the evening and the light was that golden filtered light that you get after a hot August day and everything smelled wonderful.

We walked the track and my husband was happy about that.  I was trying to soak in all of the nature around me.  A lot of the time, sorry to say, I'm numb. But being in a place like we were yesterday - pictured above - all I can feel is pure joy.  This is my heaven.  

Between this place and the dirt road there is a trail through thick woods that was like a dark tunnel.  It was filled with huge crows - or ravens.  I counted five flying in front of our car.  The main road ran by many old farmhouses.  I wish I could have taken more pics to share with you but my hubby doesn't like to stop for pics, LOL.  Sometimes when you look at an old place you feel nothing, but others have such a strong essence.  Almost like they are calling to you.  (I bet you know what I mean♥)  

I dream about what it would be like to have a summer out in the middle of nowhere in the country, in a great old house with good juju.  Living simple, but having everything you need. Time standing still.  I don't really have a bucket list, but if I ever do make one, that will be on it.  

In the mean time I'm thankful for being where I am and my heart goes out to those suffering in Africa, the Middle the cities filled with overwhelming and sad.

I hope you find your "country place" in your heart this week!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 Been tracing out Halloween and ran out of pins.  Guess you can never have enough?

Used my 50% off coupon and invested in six yards of muslin.
I need to use my next coupon to buy LOTSA pins
Also have been trying to familiarize myself with Facebook.  I know it sounds crazy, but I've never been able to maneuver in fb very well.  Mostly because when I set up my page, it was just that...a "page" and not a personal account.  So I wasn't able to comment, like, etc.  Finally linked a personal account to the "page" so I could do these things, but not sure if that's working very well either because some actions are not showing up...will figure it out someday.

Gonna sit down soon and catch up on my blog reading - see you then!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Well, Hi There

"Well Hi There"

It's been a while! This is a little toad that moved in behind the garage.  Toad is very friendly and not timid.  She is very welcome here.

Don't even know where to start...been spending most of my time working, as a mom-taxi and sewing for a craft show:

These pics are not very good and that is because it was freezing and drizzling.  I didn't have things totally set up the way I wanted because it turned into windy and raining and I ended up soaked and shaking...and so did all of my things.  But I don't mind, the people still came out and it was good to have something to make me sew.  Now as soon as I straighten up the back room where I sew from post-show disaster I'll start on prim-Halloween for a small Oct show...and maybe some Christmas for a November show.  Then onto some dolls for a new show next July and hopefully this show again.  That can change with the weather, but for now, it's feeling good to create.

Hope your summer is going good - it's been cold here but still enjoying it!
Blessings♥ Lisa

Thursday, June 12, 2014


 Been trying to plant.  Beautiful weather, but real dry.

The pink lady slippers are plentiful again this year.  I love them. 

Almost got carried away taking these pics! Are the mosquitoes bad in your neck of the woods?  They are finding their way into the house as the nights are in the '40's and they must be getting cold...poor little things...NOT.  The are vicious little vampires and they all need to die.  


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Summer is finally here!
We are planting!  We are swimming!  We are grilling! We are sunburned! It is awesome!

Then why am looking forward to fall?  Am I cray-cray? {crazy}

Hoping to work on some fall prims soon!

~*~ Lisa

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I've never been much of a pinner.  I don't have the patience.  But when you want things to line up right they say it's pretty important.  So I pinned the ba-jeebers out of the little cat doll in the picture above.

And here is the finished looks like a pig.  

Here is a different doll that is almost finished - just needs the face...

She is a "Bit of Whimsy" pattern.  Much better than the cat-pig!

I hope to start back on prims soon! If I make anymore non-prim soft dolls, I'll post on my "stuffing and stitches" blog, but  will try to keep it all primitive here.  

Hard to believe the snow is gone, isn't it? IS IT REAL? 
'Tis the season we spend more time outside and less on the computer, but that magical season of fall and all of the prim goodness that comes with it seems to bring us all back together, and it really isn't that far away...

Will catch up with you soon!  Thanks for visiting♥


Saturday, May 3, 2014


It's at this point when I look at a project and wonder how in the world it could ever turn out to remotely resemble what it's supposed to look like in the pattern.

And then this happens.  She loves to sit on my lap when I'm sewing, and I love it too, but sometimes it slows things up LOL.

Well, the Baby Mermaid (pattern by bitofwhimsy) turned out okay.  Her tail fin didn't fit right so I had to pleat it, and her right arm slipped out of the seam, but like I always remind my daughter, practice makes perfect - I'll try to make those things work better next time.  Most of the bitofwhimsy patterns call for sewing the legs - or fins LOL - with a machine stitch on the outside.  I'm not used to this with a machine - it's pretty tricky to get a neat stitch because the piece is already stuffed and tends to be awkward.

Here's the pile where most of my WIP's are waiting for me.  Still have some prim dolls to the left that I started so long ago.  I started trying out Raggedies and soft dolls that were more child friendly than most of the prim dolls just in case I ever do a craft show again, I'll have something to offer the folks who don't get the primitive stuff and want to give things with rusty jingle bells to their baby for a rattle - LOL!  But I probably won't get that far as sewing time is few and far between.  The yardwork here and at my mom's is waiting and we are in full swing in track and soccer, which is fine.  I love doing things for my family and I'll kick out a doll or two when I can.

Thanks so much for visiting - I hope you are enjoying spring and creating when you can too! I'll try to catch up with you soon - thanks for leaving a light on♥