Monday, January 13, 2014


Having trouble focusing lately{slash}still, and guess that might be part of the reason it is hard to finish one project before starting another?

So I was sitting on the couch watching TV (again) and eating something (can't remember what but will guarantee it was either salty & crunchy or sweet & chewy) and a commercial (for something...) came on with strawberries flying through space.

My jaw dropped and out came the words from my mouth in hushed wonder:

"Strawberries in space..."

You know, kind of like "Rosebud....."
(from Citizen Kane)

Something about the colors maybe...or maybe my body was telling me "There! Woman! Look at the fruit!  Put down the chips and Debbie Cakes and eat STRAWBERRIES!"  Whatever it was I eventually grabbed some fabric to try and exercise the vision from my mind:

And a few days later sat on the floor and roughly cut out the strawberries and sat them on a piece of black fabric with white pindots  to represent the dark, starry space sky:

So now...if my brain will allow me to get to the point of actually sewing...I would just do a raw machine straight stitch around the edges and make a little wall quilt.  That might not be a problem if I didn't have the little shabby heart shapes taunting me from the project pile.  Do you ever have trouble focusing?  Any tips?



Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Oh my gosh Lisa, you are a hoot! I can see you sitting there intoning "Stawberries In Space!" :O) Love, love, love your strawberry panel and I say go for it girl; follow your muse and if she's telling you to sew strawberries, sew strawberries! The shabby hearts will still be there when you are done. I've found that when I try to ignore that which is calling me that absolutely nothing gets accomplished; I can't concentrate on what I think I "should" be doing because my heart is concentrating on what it wants to be doing. So sew up those strawberries and I can't wait to see the end result. I know it will be wonderful! Deb

charmingsbycmh said...

Thank you so much for you comments on my blog. I really don't have any tips but sometimes just looking through my fabric stash will get the creative juices flowing. Love your blog. God bless. Carolyn

Farmhouse prims said...

Love your strawberries, can't wait to see the finished project. hugs, Lecia

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Lisa, to funny, love the Strawberry's, will look great, Blessings Francine.

jennifer768 said...

Lisa, I too have trouble focusing.I find sometimes if I just put it all aside and read a book or something that my mind clears and then I can finish a project .Love your strawberries,isn't it funny where we find inspiration at times.Blessings,Jen

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Uhm yeah... I tend to know what you are talking about, lol! I contribute it to our creative minds that has way too much going on up there, screaming to get out. =]

I love the strawberries, very cute!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I always have trouble focusing!!!
Maybe that's why I always have a million projects going at the same time!
Love the strawberries ~ looking forward to seeing them finished up!!!
Prim Blessings

Nancy said...

I love your strawberries, Lisa! I also love hearing where the inspiration came from! lol
Yes! I have way TOO MANY UFO's cluttering up my studio! ;o)

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Hi Lisa,
Your a hoot~ love the strawberries and the story behind it.
Goodness yes; I have trouble focusing on just one thing at a time. I usually have 10 to 20 projects going at once. I tend to get bored while working on something so I move to something else, before I know it there are piles waiting to be finished. I agree with Angie~ I think it a creative mind.
Have a great day!