Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I still gots the fever!  Spring FEVER!  And I going mad....mad crazy waiting for spring!  In my madness I'm giving away another bunny pattern!  Click on the above pic to download my "Running Bunny" pattern!  When I sketched this a few years ago I took an actual running bunny pic and traced it and modified the lines until I got it to where I liked it!  It took quite a bit of morphing but it was worth the time.

You could make this pattern many ways - I chose some french country inspired fabric for the bunnies above.  You could use muslin and prim it up with cinnamon...pastel polka dot & check fabric for classic easter bunnies...you could stitch a blanket on his back with a prim star or country heart on it...HAVE FUN and THINK SPRING!  WA-HOOOOOOooooo!

~*~ Lisa

Sunday, February 16, 2014


....SPRING FEVER that is!

And I'm going crazy I tell ya....so CRAZY I'm sharing a FREE BUNNY PATTERN.
Because we need to see more bunnies out there!  I'm going crazy!

Feel free to click on the "Round Bunny" pic above for a link to the pattern  (carrots not included).  Now...I'm not a "professional" when it comes to patterns, so if it's wonky or confusing, please email me with any questions.
And feel free to sell any finished creations from the pattern, I only ask you please give The Moonlit Stitch credit as the designer.

Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny.....

[insane craft-woman laughter] ~*~Lisa

Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentines Day to you blog buddies!

Whether your heart is burlap and twine...hot pink and lime green...lavender and lace...or shabby or or country or prim...

...hope it is filled with love.


Monday, February 10, 2014


Can't believe I finally finished something!
I am the proud new mamma of:
"Angel of Love"
She is a 16" doll designed by Jean Barker of
Dusty Cupboard Prims.
Jean recently started selling her patterns on etsy - please check out her shop:

The only reason I was able to finish up this new baby doll is I had the whole day off.  I was thinking about it earlier...I started working when I was 14 and have worked my whole marriage except a couple of weeks in between major moves...you don't find many days where you are home alone.  And although I am thankful for my job, I sure had a great day at home making this doll. Thankful for the day!

And thankful for my blog friends - I love sharing with you and your visits warm my heart!


Thursday, February 6, 2014


I love the way nature inspires art.

So many of the primitive creations that tug at our hearts are straight out of nature. Plants...animals.  I love all of the owls that have been so popular the past few years.  And cats...always the cats.  They are both nocturnal you know.  They come alive and do their thing at night.  They need to hunt.  They want to play.  Have you ever tried to fall asleep on the floor in a living room in a house where more than one cat lives?  Not happening.  They will bank-shot off of you and land on your head while chasing each other the entire night.  Threaten them all you want.  It is night.  It is their time.  Not yours, human.

Our sweet little furball of a cat loves to visit me in the back room at night when I'm watching TV or sewing.  She is so gentle and sweet.  She will cuddle on my lap or stretch out on the floor at my feet purring softly.

But then it comes time for me to make the long trek from the back room, down the dark hall and across the vast living room to my bedroom.  It is at that point I am struck with fear.  Because I know without a doubt...within the black cavern under the dining room table lurks the elusive, nocturnal feline.  

One moment I am walking by myself in the peace of pure, dark silence...the next I am violently body-slammed by 12 pounds of flying fur that clings to my leg tightly and just long enough to communicate:  "you are mine, human".  And before I can catch it, this nocturnal hyper-beast disappears once again into the darkness...only to employ multiple repeat-attacks before I reach the safety of my bedroom.  

Do you have one of those?

Be Afraid.  Be Very Afraid.....

~*~ Lisa