Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Summer is finally here!
We are planting!  We are swimming!  We are grilling! We are sunburned! It is awesome!

Then why am looking forward to fall?  Am I cray-cray? {crazy}

Hoping to work on some fall prims soon!

~*~ Lisa

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I've never been much of a pinner.  I don't have the patience.  But when you want things to line up right they say it's pretty important.  So I pinned the ba-jeebers out of the little cat doll in the picture above.

And here is the finished product...it looks like a pig.  

Here is a different doll that is almost finished - just needs the face...

She is a "Bit of Whimsy" pattern.  Much better than the cat-pig!

I hope to start back on prims soon! If I make anymore non-prim soft dolls, I'll post on my "stuffing and stitches" blog, but  will try to keep it all primitive here.  

Hard to believe the snow is gone, isn't it? IS IT REAL? 
'Tis the season we spend more time outside and less on the computer, but that magical season of fall and all of the prim goodness that comes with it seems to bring us all back together, and it really isn't that far away...

Will catch up with you soon!  Thanks for visiting♥


Saturday, May 3, 2014


It's at this point when I look at a project and wonder how in the world it could ever turn out to remotely resemble what it's supposed to look like in the pattern.

And then this happens.  She loves to sit on my lap when I'm sewing, and I love it too, but sometimes it slows things up LOL.

Well, the Baby Mermaid (pattern by bitofwhimsy) turned out okay.  Her tail fin didn't fit right so I had to pleat it, and her right arm slipped out of the seam, but like I always remind my daughter, practice makes perfect - I'll try to make those things work better next time.  Most of the bitofwhimsy patterns call for sewing the legs - or fins LOL - with a machine stitch on the outside.  I'm not used to this with a machine - it's pretty tricky to get a neat stitch because the piece is already stuffed and tends to be awkward.

Here's the pile where most of my WIP's are waiting for me.  Still have some prim dolls to the left that I started so long ago.  I started trying out Raggedies and soft dolls that were more child friendly than most of the prim dolls just in case I ever do a craft show again, I'll have something to offer the folks who don't get the primitive stuff and want to give things with rusty jingle bells to their baby for a rattle - LOL!  But I probably won't get that far as sewing time is few and far between.  The yardwork here and at my mom's is waiting and we are in full swing in track and soccer, which is fine.  I love doing things for my family and I'll kick out a doll or two when I can.

Thanks so much for visiting - I hope you are enjoying spring and creating when you can too! I'll try to catch up with you soon - thanks for leaving a light on♥