Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 Been tracing out Halloween and ran out of pins.  Guess you can never have enough?

Used my 50% off coupon and invested in six yards of muslin.
I need to use my next coupon to buy LOTSA pins
Also have been trying to familiarize myself with Facebook.  I know it sounds crazy, but I've never been able to maneuver in fb very well.  Mostly because when I set up my page, it was just that...a "page" and not a personal account.  So I wasn't able to comment, like, etc.  Finally linked a personal account to the "page" so I could do these things, but not sure if that's working very well either because some actions are not showing up...will figure it out someday.

Gonna sit down soon and catch up on my blog reading - see you then!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Well, Hi There

"Well Hi There"

It's been a while! This is a little toad that moved in behind the garage.  Toad is very friendly and not timid.  She is very welcome here.

Don't even know where to start...been spending most of my time working, as a mom-taxi and sewing for a craft show:

These pics are not very good and that is because it was freezing and drizzling.  I didn't have things totally set up the way I wanted because it turned into windy and raining and I ended up soaked and shaking...and so did all of my things.  But I don't mind, the people still came out and it was good to have something to make me sew.  Now as soon as I straighten up the back room where I sew from post-show disaster I'll start on prim-Halloween for a small Oct show...and maybe some Christmas for a November show.  Then onto some dolls for a new show next July and hopefully this show again.  That can change with the weather, but for now, it's feeling good to create.

Hope your summer is going good - it's been cold here but still enjoying it!
Blessings♥ Lisa