Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This is not "Whoopsie-Doodle"...that's something I did.  No, this is "Cora the Cat", a pattern by Chestnut Junction.  

(When I was a girl I had a friend whose middle name was Cora, named after her grandmother.  She disliked the name and swore me to secrecy, promising to do me great bodily harm if I ever told).

Whoopsie-Doodle is a nice way of saying something else after you discover you made a mistake...or two.  Sitting on my porch this evening, excited to finish up Cora, when I notice her feet/paws are pointing out and the pattern shows they should be pointing in.  "Well...son-of-a-WHOOPSIE-DOODLE."  Then I notice the seam down the middle of her skirt...why is there a seam down the front of her skirt?  I asked myself... and myself replied... Ahhh.  That would be because that is actually the BACK of her skirt.  I sewed Cora's face on the wrong side of her head.  But her thumbs...or "dewclaws"...because cats don't have thumbs...or else they would overtake us all and gain rule of the planet...are pointing the right way.  So I must have sewn her dress on backwards?  Mother Whoopsie-Doodle.  But it's okay.  I'm calling it a finish.  My brain is so scattered lately I have to take what I can get! LOL!

~*~ Lisa


Raymond Homestead said...

These are the kind of things I do! She's cute none the less! :-)

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

LOL Lisa, you are too funny! Well personally I like her thumbs ... er ... dew claws pointing forward and I never would have noticed the seam if you hadn't mentioned it. She is very cute, hope that she has no designs on taking over the world!

Prims By The Water said...

LOL..I would have never noticed if you had not mentioned the whoopsies. She looks cute! Janice

Trace4J said...

I do love your whoopsie doodle.
And the name Cora!
Woolie hugs to you

peggy said...

I like Chippy but I think I like your kitty more, I was hoping you would be posting something you have made. I wouldn't worry about things that come out exactly right, just makes her special. After all,
nobody's purr-fect.