Monday, December 29, 2014


My friend Peggy over at A Primitive Plot suggested I try this pattern from The Olde Country Cupboard a while back.  After the designer, Sandy, passed away, I didn't have the heart to finish him up, but finally did last night.  I know Peggy has made some of these up and they are so cute, I love all of her creations.  Going to try and make another in lighter colors before moving on to bunny-bunnies.

I've also been trying to work on some non-primitive dolls and finished a couple up recently.  If you would like to check them out you can visit my "Stuffing & Stitches" blog by clicking the link at the top of the left hand sidebar.  I'm hoping to try and sell these at a craft show this July.  I've never done anything but primitives so I'm a bit nervous but hoping for some sales and more-so some happy little hearts.
Hope you are doing something you enjoy today - planning your spring garden, decorating (or de-decorating? Bah-Humbug!) Or sewing - like me!  Thanks for visiting friends!


Friday, December 26, 2014

Still here blog buddies!  Missed You♥
Hopefully getting back on track here soon.
I hope your holiday time was blessed and
through it all you "kept on truckin'".
That's what I'm goin' with.

See you on the journey ~ Love Lisa