Sunday, September 28, 2014


Like a great vacation
You don't want to end,
Or a too-short visit
from a long-lost friend...

Indian Summer 
Gone too soon
Cherishing the hours
From Sun until Moon

Snow white toad stools
Glow in the sun
A hint from Nature
That summer is done

Amber sunlight 
And clear blue skies
Hoping it will last
But how fast it flies

Acorns dropping
Through the trees
Chiming against 
The wild oak leaves

Bumblebees that never
Return to the hive
Fall asleep forever
But the Queen will survive...

...The long cold winter
Asleep in the ground
Until Spring awakes
To New Life found.

Changing of the seasons - so bittersweet! Loving the beautiful fall we are having.  Holy cats, the week has been warmer than most of our summer.  I have been busy with my daughter's volleyball, nursing migraines & headcolds, keeping Mom happy & healthy and changes at work.  Sadly no time or energy for creating.  But the fire still burns!  LOL!  Snapped the first pic above while we were flying down the highway to a volleyball tournament and my phone is so old & slow it didn't catch the colorful woods I wanted to but when I looked closer, it caught a little cabin tucked away that I didn't even notice.  The toadstool was so bright this morning in the sun, I had to run out in my pj's & snap a pic and on the way back noticed the Bumbles sleeping on the coneflower in the butterfly garden. All the while acorns dropping like crazy everywhere. Isn't it cool how there's a little pile of dirt still on the toadstool from pushing up out of the ground? Feel like a little kid in a candy store sometimes when I'm outside - love nature!  Hope to catch up with you all soon and hoping you are soaking up the beautiful fall!  Love it!


Saturday, September 6, 2014


some treasures from Holly

Made the trip downstate to the 'Harvest at the Mill' antiques & primitives show in Holly Michigan.  
Made a stop at the original 'mill' which houses Holly Hills Primitives - wow, they sure had some great pieces! Here is a link to their blog:

I was so happy to meet some fellow bloggers at the show - I have to tell you, these folks are some of the nicest people I've ever met.  Janice & Bob from Back Porch Primitives had some great antiques and some of Janice's wonderful primitive handmades.
Janice's blog:
Janice & Bob's store on facebook:
Sweet Janice, her husband Bob and a lil yelloware bowl and pumpkin boy that had to come home with me!

Made my way over to Marie's booth, a.k.a. "Old Lady Morgan" and scored one of her OOAK jacks complete with signature!  Marie's husband was right by her side helping out - what nice folks!
Marie, my OLM jack and a cute lil stitchery pillow tuck from another vendor that goes so well with it and Marie and another chick I don't know (tee hee)

Check out Old Lady Morgan's blog here if you don't already follow her:

Right across the way was Earlene from Primitive Passion Decorating.  She is the Queen of primitive decor, you can check out her blog and all of her wonderful decorating and gardens here:

The lovely Earlene standing among her wares (including a black corner cupboard that would have gotten me in trouble if it came home with me like I wanted) and an awesome old glass jar the did come home with me along with the Halloween sign in the top pic.

There were so many other wonderful prim bloggers/vendors/artists at the show.  If you get the opportunity next year (spring or fall) I'm sure you would enjoy it as much as I did.  I'm so happy to have been able to meet some of my dear blog buddies!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This is Gloria.  She is a witchie-poo bunny.
All of the other bunny girls whisper about her.
Gloria is a rebel.  While the other bunnies are hanging out in the carrot patch, she is having fun in the pumpkin patch.  She is tired of those who assume she likes to paint eggs in pretty pastels at Easter time.  She would much rather hang out with the black cat posse.  

Her dress kinda hides the fact that her head is tilted so her smile looks crooked...what's up with those crooked smiles!?  But I like Gloria.  She's a fun bunny gal.  She just signed up for broom-rider training.  That makes me a bit nervous...

Thanks for enjoying some fall fun with me!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Worked on and off on this little one yesterday...any guess on what it will turn out to be?
I can tell you that it's a "she" and she's a Rebel!
She's breaking down barriers for others of her kind who want to explore and boldly HOP where few have HOPPED before.

Hee Hee!
Was able to tote my machine outside to sew the porch for a while.  I knew my husband was going to turn on the AC unit and while I'm thankful we have a window-shaker, if it was just me I wouldn't use it.  Don't like fans and the ice cold air and the noise.  Try to sew outside at least once in the summer every year.  Enjoy the best of both worlds!  About an hour after I took the pic above a thunderstorm blew through and it poured.  The birds were sure singing happy.

Thanks for stopping by buddies - hope to reveal the identity of 'mystery doll' this week!