Monday, April 13, 2015


The sun is finally shining at the Tip-of-the-Mitt!
Walked out on the porch yesterday morning and looked up to see a bright, clear blue sky - such a welcome change from the white winter sky. It even reached 70 for a while.  Was able to get quite a few chores done at Mom's.

Picked up a couple colored glass bottles from Hobb-Lobb a few weeks ago.  Love it when the sun shines through them!  Yesterday at Joann's I found a box of 6 limited edition Ball jars in PURPLE.  Purple makes me happy♥♥♥

And finally, did a thrift store run last week and found some baby spider plants.  I used to have a lot of plants and have gradually ended up with none.  Been searching for some spiders for a while and am excited to watch this little guy grow and have more babies.  They are so easy to root!

Thanks for stopping by friends - hope there is fair weather where you are too!