Monday, September 7, 2015

Drying Time

It's been a hot one all over the country.  Took the opportunity to add more layers of paint and stain to the WIP's and start a couple new ones.  Things dry so fast outside in the heat/sun.  In the winter it takes days for some things - I don't use the oven as I scorch everything - yes, including food.  It's slow going for me - I know a lot of you are already working on wynter goods - I'm sure playing catch up, but there's no pressure...just enjoying it.  

Happy Labor Day to all - I hope you are able to be at rest.  In my neck of the woods we have the Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Walk.  They say 40,000 will walk across the five mile expansion bridge that spans the Straits of Mackinac (the Straits are where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet), connecting the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan.  I've mentioned before this bridge has a special place in my heart as my dad was one of the brave men who helped to build this beautiful landmark as an Ironworker out of Local 25/Detroit.  Construction began in 1954 and the bridge finally opened in 1957.  Prior to the bridge cars were transported via ferry boat.  

Pic from Mackinac Bridge Authority

Today marks the 58th annual walk across the bridge.  It's the only day pedestrians are allowed on the bridge.  I've never walked it although I've driven across hundreds of times.  I hope to do the walk at least once in my life.  I'm not too good around crowds - and 40,000 people?  That's a crowd!

Have a great week blog buddies♥

~*~ Lisa


Prims By The Water said...

How awesome that your dad helped make the Mighty Mac! One of my cousins uncles also was an iron worker on the bridge. I would not be able to walk the bridge..heck I don't even like driving over it. Your WIP's are coming along good. Janice

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Your WIPs are looking great Lisa and I laughed when I read your oven comment! Hope you'll one day get a chance to walk across that amazing bridge that your Dad helped to build, what a great idea to open it up to pedestrian traffic on this day honouring working men and women. Happy Labour Day! Deb xo

Farmhouse prims said...

Your creation is coming along great! Almost finished, Wow, that is alot of people walking across the bridge, not me, I am scared of heights. he he hugs, Lecia