Friday, September 11, 2015


pattern by chestnut junction

It's Friday! And the works in progress are slowly coming along.

Wanted to show you the difference in some sisal rope/twine after dunking it in a staining mix of instant coffee.  It was a little too light against the prim's in the works.  The darker version will be perfect for some pumpkin smiles and other goodies.

"It's Kitteh Time"

The temps are dropping and you know what that means...the kitteh's are in search of warmth and decide they like you again and want to be on your lap all the time.  

Have a blessed weekend blog buddies!

~*~ Lisa


peggy said...

that's a good idea, dyeing the sisal. Have you tried the cheesecloth? I love it dyed.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh that kitty face is adorable. Loving the cooler temps here too, happy crafting,Francine.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Love the died twine and can't wait to see those pumpkins when they are done! Thanks for the sweet kitty photo too, what a cutie! Deb xo