Monday, December 28, 2015


It's still technically the "Christmas" season until we hit Epiphany, the season of light, so I'd like to talk about a Christmas tea.

I have to disclose first that I am only an occasional tea drinker although I know many who are very serious tea drinkers.  Coffee, on the other hand, I could drink all day long!

The picture above is just a sampling of teas available from Rhodes Creations etsy shop.  The tea I received came in a cute little tub with its own tea bag.  the night I sampled it was chilly and I was up late alone sitting by the fire and Christmas tree.  What a relaxing experience!

The first thing I noticed was the herbal aroma and then the intense color and lastly the taste! Many times in the past I was disappointed by a weak taste - not so with this tea.

So whether you are serious or occasional a tea drinker, check out the affordable options at Rhode's Creations.  Here's a link to help you get there:

Thanks for stopping by blog buddies - I hope you had a joyful Christmas.  No snow here at the tip-of-the-mitt but they are calling for a major storm starting this afternoon.  I used to love snowstorms but not so much anymore, guess I'm getting old and numb to the magic.  No snowdays off when you are a grownup!

Stay warm blog buddies♥


TheCrankyCrow said...

Yes, indeed, it IS still Christmas my sweet friend.... I so hate those ready to pack it up and move it out....For me this is the "sweet time"...when I can finally sit back and enjoy the lights, sounds, smells, and glory of Christmas. In my family growing up, the week after Christmas (and then some) was just as festive as Christmas that was when we would go to the homes of relatives and friends and they would come to ours. Miss those times and days.... No snow, eh? Well, we have plenty to share here in Nod... We did have a white Christmas (although right up to the day before we had enjoyed some unseasonably mild weather) - and we are in the middle of a nasty storm with up to 8" predicted. I'm so over it already LOL.... Hope things have been well in your world....I've missed you and the rest of my blog pals.... The tea sounds so good, but that is just one taste I've never acquired...but if I know Laura, she's done it up good. ;-) Wishing you a yuletide filled with magic and miracles.... Smiles & Holiday Hugs ~ Robin

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Lisa, I'm with sweet Crow on this one, this week between Christmas and Boxing Day is still so special. I keep my tree up till after New Years, that's what we always did here, much to celebrate...teas look delightful, but I am a coffee drinker too.Wishing you a wonderful New Year!!!! Blessings Francine.

Fran. said...

Aw me too a coffee drinker which I am doing right now!! lol Did the tea relax n make you sleepy? or a bit up n energized? Just wondering. XOXO Love Fran.