Sunday, May 17, 2015


Hi long-lost buddies!

I apologize for being AWOL, our local internet provider was bought-out and to make a long story short, they've been having all kinds of problems and we don't have internet. Our choices are few and far between up here.  So I'm pulling from my phone to get a post in and say "HI" real quick. (data usage you know!)

Did a spring craft show recently. The pic above shows my pre-show mock setup. No prims, shabby flower brooches, colorful baby-dolls, felt hair bows for little girls.  I can tell ya, I'm sticking with PRIMS!

It was a very nice show, but it was a rainy day...may have cut down on our foot traffic.  Met some really nice, talented people and had wonderful conversations!  Also ran into a couple of ladies who were very mean and rude.  I think this is the way they are in everything in their lives, so you can't take it personally, ya know?  Just say a little prayer that they find JOY somehow.

I hope you are doing okay and enjoying all the new life that spring brings us.
Hoping to get going on some Americana primitives soon!